Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot – Is there a difference? We’ve got a few pertinent questions answered to help you understand the difference in these two smart home devices.

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If you’re in the market for a smart home device, then you’ve probably heard about the Amazon Echo. I’m so happy that we finally got an Amazon Echo and an Echo Dot. Last week, I shared some pertinent details about the Amazon Echo and why you may need one.

Last week, I mentioned that there was a smaller version of the Amazon Echo, called the Echo Dot. It was brought to my attention in last week’s live Instagram session, that I needed to clarify the differences in these 2 devices. On the live session, a viewer asked, “Can I just get an Echo Dot?” So, maybe you’ve narrowed down your smart home speaker to the Amazon Echo and are now wondering the same thing. Do I have to get an Amazon Echo or can I just get the Echo Dot? You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers for you!

Can I just get an Amazon Echo Dot?

The short answer is yes! You can just get the Echo Dot, lots of Amazon Echo Dots, or just an Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot work exactly the same way.

However, there are some hardware differences that you should be aware of. See below.

What’s the biggest difference in the Amazon Echo over the Echo Dot?

As far as capabilities, remember both devices function exactly the same. The biggest difference is found in the hardware specs. You activate the device the same way – via the wake word or action button. As far as buttons and lights, both devices have a light ring, action button, and mute button. The Amazon Echo does not have volume buttons, whereas, the Echo Dot does have volume buttons.

Additionally, the Echo Dot has an auxiliary audio output and the Amazon Echo does not. As far as hardware capabilities, this is the major difference in the two devices. This means that for music playback purposes, you’ll likely need to connect the Echo Dot to your home speaker or another bluetooth-enabled speaker. Yes, you still have music playback but the quality will not be sufficient to fill the entire room. We use this Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker for our bluetooth speakers.

Lastly, there is a price difference. The Amazon Echo is $179.99 and the Echo Dot is $49.99. At $50, I think the Echo Dot makes a great gift for anyone. We actually bought one as an anniversary gift for some friends. So definitely keep these devices in mind as gifts.

Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot, amazon echo review, amazon dot review, amazon echo vs echo dot, echo v echo dot, echo vs dot,, amazon alexa, amazon echo, amazon dot

Which devices would you recommend for me?

This will depend on your personal needs.

Ask yourself  the following two questions, “How many places in my home do l need to interact with Alexa? Do I need good music playback capabilities in this room?”

That will likely allow you to determine which devices you need and how many. Personally, there are 3 areas in my home that I need to interact with Alexa. Those three areas are my kitchen, living area, and the master bedroom. We’ve decided that having one Amazon Echo, and two Echo Dots would be the perfect device setup for our home. Though we have other bedrooms, we don’t foresee needing to use Alexa in those places. Also, the quality of music playback is not an issue where we’ve placed our Amazon Echo Dots (master bedroom and kitchen).

Amazon is the commerce King and I’m confident that these Alexa-enabled devices are our future.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding about not only how the devices work but also the difference in them. I’ll continue to write about our smart home journey, and you read all our tech-related posts here.  Every Thursday at 9:00 P.M. CST I do live sessions around different topics on Instagram so be sure to follow us on Instagram.


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    • Evelyn Reese
    • April 17, 2017

    Great Information and awesome pictures. This can really help someone make a decision on the best one Echo or Dot for their home.

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      Thanks Evelyn for your nice comment. Come back soon!

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