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Before and After

We Built A Barn Door!

In looking for ways to beautify the master closet, I immediately thought that installing a sliding door could actually work in this area. You need enough door clearance to install a sliding door (at least 72 inches) so it doesn’t work everywhere. I really wanted to add some drama to the master closet area and […]

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Living Room Before & After Reveal

You don’t want to miss this living room before and after reveal. It’s been 5 years in the making. We moved into our house August of 2011. Our daughter was only 7 months old. Previously, we rented an apartment and that sufficed. But we yearned to have our own personal space. Something for us and […]

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Before & After – Painted Armchair

Do you love before and afters? Here is the Before & After Painted Armchair that went to Flea Fest fall 2015. Several weeks before Flea Fest, a friend and I visited the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Washington, Louisiana. Every year they have an antique fair and yard sale all across the property. We had a […]

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Before and After: Coastal Stool

Are you a sucker for a before and after? We all enjoy seeing pieces of furniture and spaces make a transformation. It inspires us! You may remember this antique stool that I re-did back in 2012. It looked really shabby and dark before. The fabric was disgusting and the seat frame was shot! Here is […]

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Kitchen Update: LG Dishwasher

When we bought our house, we really fell in love with the kitchen. It’s a very custom-built kitchen and so it had good bones. Pretty much everything needed attention though, including replacing appliances, countertops, floors, etc.  But with patience, we knew the kitchen could be made new again. As you know, kitchen remodels can be […]

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Before and After: Vintage Tea Cart

A quick before and after for you, because we all love them.  I found this wooden tea cart on Craigslist within 5-10 minutes after it was listed. I was big and pregnant but loaded up the family and I was able to scour this baby for $20. It sat on my porch for months before […]

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Back Foyer Updates: Painted Dresser

Though I can’t move as fast as I’d like, because of this reason. When I do get a chance, I work on small projects around the house. We always use our back door to enter our home and I’ve tried to incorporate pieces that make it functional for the way we live. One of the pieces […]

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Chicken Wire Frame

In my efforts to be resourceful, I try to look for creative ways to use what I have to make something useful. Over a year ago, I bought a big antique frame and it sat in my shed for several months.  At first, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with […]

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