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DIY: Vintage Book Pages Wall Decor

Most home design projects take time to pull together. There is planning, sourcing items, color schemes to coordinate with, and more. Design takes time…normally. However, if you’re under pressure, sometimes you have to make quick decisions to pull a look together. That’s sort of exactly what happened with my vintage book page wall decor project. […]

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5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

Mason jars can be found everywhere. You can get vintage and antique ones at flea markets. Most craft stores, supermarkets, and even dollar stores carry these useful glass containers. When I was still in business with The Vintage Company, we used them often for centerpieces and other wedding/event uses. Mason jars are made for canning foods, […]

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You Vote – We Create Challenge

To truly have an organized and beautiful home it takes work, resources, and lots of patience. When we first bought our home, my husband was confident that we’d renovate the whole house in a year or two. Yeah, right! We learned quickly that would not happen. We have now been in our home 5 years and […]

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DIY: Copper Light Fixture

In organizing the master bedroom closet, there were several DIY projects that we took on. We made a barn door and installed it on sliding door hardware. We painted the off-white ceiling a dark gray. We changed our first light fixture in our home too! When it came to lighting, I was overwhelmed. Light fixtures can […]

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We Built A Barn Door!

In looking for ways to beautify the master closet, I immediately thought that installing a sliding door could actually work in this area. You need enough door clearance to install a sliding door (at least 72 inches) so it doesn’t work everywhere. I really wanted to add some drama to the master closet area and […]

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DIY Vintage Tackle Box Planter

  Looking for some spring inspiration? Check out this DIY Vintage Tackle Box Planter! What’s your design style? Traditional, contemporary, or country? My design style could be described as a mix between country and cottage. Incorporating vintage items into my decorating is always necessary. It’s just a part of my style. However, normally, I’m not […]

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Top 5 DIY Projects

My how the time flies by when you’re busy. It’s already been one year since I started writing this blog, The Hollidays at Home.  I can honestly say that I’ve really, really, enjoyed it! Writing for this blog has helped me complete several projects that would otherwise still be unfinished. It’s inspired me in many […]

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DIY: Rope Vase

  A room can always use some natural elements to bring texture to it. That is why I love working with burlap. I love trends that are timeless and go with any style you have in your home. This project was one of those. It will always work in your space, because it’s using a […]

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Chicken Wire Frame

In my efforts to be resourceful, I try to look for creative ways to use what I have to make something useful. Over a year ago, I bought a big antique frame and it sat in my shed for several months.  At first, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with […]

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What We Did: December 2012

  The month of December was a good month. In addition to getting several things accomplished around the house, we even snuck away to the coast for a getaway. As always, there were several projects that I completed that I will blog about this month.  You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what they […]

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