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The power of painted ceilings

Where would we be without color? Color makes a difference in everything…vision, art, and even decorating. That’s why painting a room or piece of furniture is so BIG. The color of a room can alter your mood. Bright colors can make you feel joyful, even excited. Dark colors can make a space feel small and […]

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Closet Makeover Mood Board

Please read the full disclosure for more information about this post. Last week, we worked hard on our master closet and made it a space we really love. Check out some pictures from the master bedroom closet organizing project. It’s still super-organized and we can’t wait to organize more spaces in our home. In fact, there […]

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5 Tips to Create a Closet You Love

*Blog disclaimer* A new year is underway and it’s a perfect time to get some organizing done. I was super excited about participating in the #10daysoforganizing blogger collaboration. This gave me a deadline to fully organize one space in my home and share it on my blog. Perfect motivation! I decided the master bedroom closet could […]

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We Built A Barn Door!

In looking for ways to beautify the master closet, I immediately thought that installing a sliding door could actually work in this area. You need enough door clearance to install a sliding door (at least 72 inches) so it doesn’t work everywhere. I really wanted to add some drama to the master closet area and […]

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50 Farmhouse Decor Items Under $50

Are you looking for affordable home decor with style? I’ve scoured the internet to find you 50 farmhouse items under $50! Maybe you’ll find something you just can’t live without. Did you find anything that you liked? My personal favorites are this farmville metal canister set, this farmhouse teak board, and this set of woven baskets. […]

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Fall Mantel 2016 is Complete

As much as I love it, there hasn’t been much time left for decorating around my home lately. Obligations, work, and sickness have gotten the best of my family and I over the past couple of months. But that’s just life. You roll with the punches and keep moving forward. Still in all, I really do […]

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Exciting news from The Holliday Collective blog

Today, I’ve got some exciting news from The Holliday Collective blog. Read the entire post so you don’t miss it! It’s possible that you may be wondering what I’ve been up to, and maybe why I haven’t been sharing as many posts as I was. Well, of course, life does keep us ALL busy and […]

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The Best Wet Bar Inspiration

Are you in need of entertaining help? A wet bar is a great space to entertain guests without all the fluff. Here is the best wet bar inspiration that will surely inspire you. Wet bars are also known as beverage bars or a butlers pantry. For the most part they are all one in the […]

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The Best Painted Fireplaces

I recently wrote about how I was going to paint my living room fireplace. In an effort to determine what color would be best, I started to look for what others were doing first. To my surprise, fireplaces have been painted every color – blue, gray, and even red. Yippee for me! That was reassuring […]

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