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Food & Drink

Ole’ Goodie Salsa

Do you love salsa and chips but feel like you don’t have time to make your own? Try our kid-approved ole’ goodie salsa and you’ll never buy a jar of salsa again. Taco night is so much fun around here! There is something for everyone to snack on and it’s also super budget friendly. In […]

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Create the Look: Tea & Muffins

Entertaining can really be simple. A couple of weeks ago, we started a series of posts to help with entertaining. The last one we shared was the second of three posts about entertaining with a galvanized tray and simple snacks. We featured a very classic and simple snack duo – tea and muffins. If you’re still […]

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Entertaining with a Galvanized tray: Tea & Muffins

Looking for an easy way to entertain with just a tray and simple snacks? This article is to give you tips and ideas on entertaining with a galvanized tray, featuring tea and muffins. If you’re new to this series, then be sure to go back and check out our first post in this series here. We […]

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Create the Look: Wine & Cheese Tray

Entertaining can really be simple. Yesterday we shared one of three posts about entertaining with a galvanized tray and simple snacks. We featured a very classic and simple snack duo – wine and cheese. It really was fun styling the tray with pretty food and flowers. I surely hope you enjoyed it! If you’re still feeling […]

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Entertain with a Galvanized Tray: Wine & Cheese

*If you like this wine and cheese tray look, be sure to shop the look here. Entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes we think (I think) that we have to provide a big meal and our home has to be perfect for guests to visit.  Entertaining ends up being a daunting task, and then we get […]

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What to Put in a Smoothie

Do you like the idea of a smoothie but are not quite sure how to pull it off?  Here are some ideas on what to put in a smoothie and also the best blender for smoothie making. We recently started incorporating smoothies into our daily routine. It’s really fun to get the kids involved in […]

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The Best Super Bowl Appetizer

What is the best Super Bowl appetizer you’ve had before? Super Bowl is about the football game but also about the good food! What ya’ eating tonight for the big game? One things for sure. No Super Bowl party is complete without appetizers. You want guests to be able to snack as they want. Finger […]

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French Bread Sandwiches

Take your french bread sandwich up a notch with healthy toppings! We live, work, play, and of course eat here all the time. Our family eats lunch at home 90% of the time. That means we make decent food choices but it does get a little mundane. From time to time, lunch can be a […]

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