Grilled Cheese on The Grill

grilled cheese on the grill, grilled cheese, the holliday collective,, grill, grilling

grilled cheese on the grill, grilled cheese, the holliday collective,, grill, grilling

Spring is a great time to grill. Do you enjoy grilled food? Well, we’ve got our very own recipe for cooking grilled cheese on the grill. This recipe is simple and tasty!

Spring is here and before you know it, summer will be here too. We love to cook outside during this time of year. Grilling outside is what’s hot, when it’s hot. Didn’t you know?! Well, we tried something a little different and wanted to share it with you too.

It’s not very hard to like a grilled cheese sandwich. Come on! You can even get creative and make it as exquisite as you want. Avocado, bacon, and donuts are quite normal for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. But if you live with picky eaters, simple food is best. We recently discovered that our daughter loves grilled cheese sandwiches. Both kids love cheese and butter so it wasn’t totally surprising. This was our daughter’s theory as to what the best part of eating a baked potato is.

What kid doesn’t like cheese and butter?

Picky eaters like plain grilled cheese sandwiches. Bread, cheese, and butter. That’s it. Nothing special about it but still very tasty. We just got a new Kingsford 32″ Charcoal Grill so it was the perfect time to try a new recipe. If you cook food on a grill, you know that timing is everything. Getting a new grill is like any new appliance. You have to get used to how it cooks. When appliances are new they tend to cook fast. That was true of the Kingsford 32″ Charcoal Grill, Black. It retained heat so well. Therefore, it cooked faster than we were used to. Either way, cooking a grilled cheese sandwich on the grill was super quick.

grilled cheese on the grill, kingsford grill, grill,

Marley got in on the action and buttered both sides of her wheat bread. Two slices of Velveeta sliced cheese were added between the bread slices. The grill was heated to approximately 475 degrees. Brandon grilled the sandwich on each side for approximately 30-45 seconds. Timing will vary based on your grill and temperature. We just loved the grill marks the cast iron grates made on the sandwich! No panini maker, griddle, or George Forman grill here. This is a REAL GRILLED cheese sandwich.

In just about a 2 minute span, you’ve got yourself a plain ole’ grilled cheese sandwich – straight from the grill. It’s cheesy, buttery, and tasty. As much as this Momma enjoys cooking, I love it when Dad cooks. Even with the prep work, I find the process so simple. You know how much I love simple. Brandon was super proud of how the grilled cheese came out. Marley enjoyed every bit of it too! For a girl who’s super-picky, it made me happy to see her enjoy something she helped to cook.

grilled cheese on the grill, grilled cheese, the holliday collective,, grill, grilling


grilled cheese on the grill, grilled cheese, the holliday collective,, grill, grilling



What do you think of our very own grilled cheese sandwich on the grill? Are you looking forward to grilling this spring? We’ll be sure to share any new recipes we try with you.

Happy Spring!



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