Living Room: Rug Update

Since we moved into our home over a year ago, I’ve wanted to purchase a new rug for our living area.  In our previous space, I had a fairly inexpensive rug and matching runner set that I purchased from Marshalls.  It did the job just fine up until now.  You can see the style of the rug below in a picture taken back in December.  Excuse the mess. We had only been in the house for about 5 months and it’s taken us much longer to fix things the way we envisioned.

Living Room: Rug Update

I’ve been working hard on making our living space what we envisioned when bought our house.  So what’s that vision you may ask?  Simply put…Pottery Barn-esque.  Yes, I made up this word to describe my version of Pottery Barn, in my house.  Over the years, we have fallen in love with Pottery Barn’s clean and classic style.


Living Room: Rug Update

There isn’t much I wouldn’t be happy about purchasing from that store. Don’t even get me started on PB Kids! But of course, I’m on a budget, so Pottery Barn is more for inspiration, not purchasing items.  After all, I get more joy out of finding a great deal and making it part of my vision.  I love buying pieces that have character and a story to go along with them.

Now back to the task at hand…the living room rug update.  It would only be fitting since Pottery Barn aka PB uses a lot of natural textiles for rugs that mine be along those lines.  So, I was thinking that I wanted a natural fiber rug…jute, wool, something of that nature. Something that would match any room in my house.

I thought the perfect place to check was one of my favorites…Target.  I frequent the rug aisle often at Target and so I’m pretty familiar with the selection.  But to my surprise, they recently added several new collections to the store, some of which feature rugs.  I fell in love with Threshold, which is also featured in Target’s Fall Home 2012 Look Book.

Threshhold Quality & Design Rugs

There are many items throughout the store that I love by this brand, but I’ll save more of that for another post. There were 2 rugs that I really liked.  One was a thick, comfy fleece option with a criss cross design {the middle option below}. I really liked the bold pattern and how thick it was.  However, I was concerned that the material would be too thick and hot.  My other concern was that the pattern may be a little limiting.  If I wanted to play switch-a-roo with my rugs, then the pattern could make it tricky to do so.  The other option was a cream/gray, wool and cotton 5×8 rug (the far right option).  The pattern was subtle and would definitely complement any room in our home.

Rugs at Target

To help me make my decision, I sent over a few pictures on my phone to B (the hubs) to get his input.  With his help and my personal gut I decided on…


Living Room: Rug Update

Living Room: Rug Update

Here is a quick before and after rug update picture.  The living space is starting to really make itself over so I will do more in depth updates of the entire space soon.  Enjoy the rug update for now!    Living Room: Rug Update

Living Room: Rug Update

What updates have you completed recently?  Share with us. 

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