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DIY: Vintage Book Pages Wall Decor

Most home design projects take time to pull together. There is planning, sourcing items, color schemes to coordinate with, and more. Design takes time…normally. However, if you’re under pressure, sometimes you have to make quick decisions to pull a look together. That’s sort of exactly what happened with my vintage book page wall decor project. […]

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Living Room Before & After Reveal

You don’t want to miss this living room before and after reveal. It’s been 5 years in the making. We moved into our house August of 2011. Our daughter was only 7 months old. Previously, we rented an apartment and that sufficed. But we yearned to have our own personal space. Something for us and […]

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Painting A Fireplace

I have a small confession to share with you. It’s not bad but people seem to “gawk” when they find this information out about our home. I have 4 fireplaces. Yes, four separate fireplaces! One in my living room, one in my bedroom, one in my master bath, and one in my dining room. The […]

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Fall Mantel

The cold weather seems to have settled in southern Louisiana. So, it’s only fitting that I finish decorating the mantel for the season…the fall season.  And no, it is not winter yet…winter doesn’t start until late December! But, I can promise you this mantel will be around through the winter.  This is how it looked last […]

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