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Meal Plan Week 15

  Summer starts tomorrow and I’m so excited! Summer is likely my favorite season so I’m literally jumping up for joy. There are so many elements that I love about the summer season…flip flops or no shoes at all, grill days, cold drinks, and lots of time in the sun. In addition, I’m launching my […]

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Entertaining with a Tray: Summertime Eats & Drinks

We work hard on every single piece of content we share on this blog. Occasionally, we share appropriate affiliate links to products that we have, like, or use. We may receive a small commission if you use these links. There is no additional charge to our readers. It’s a small way to keep things running […]

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Meal Plan Week 14

Well, well, well. There is a new meal plan for the week and I’m so happy to share it with you. For over a month now, I’ve been without an assistant to help with things around this little blog. That has made posting our weekly meal plan on the blog impossible. I try to do […]

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Meal Plan Week 4

Meal planning is great for so many reasons. On Mondays, I share my family’s dinner plans to inspire you for the week. Planning meals take advance time and effort. But, when the week is underway, you’re composed and in control of dinner. What a perfect way to end the night! Last week, I got a […]

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Meal Plan Week 3

  The meal plan for the week is underway and I’m just getting around to sharing it on the blog. This week got a little busy but I do still have a plan for meals. There was a big issue with this week’s meal plan. I was unable to meal plan on Sunday like I normally […]

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Meal Plan Week 2

      Meal plan week 2 is complete. Maybe you’ll see something on our menu that will spark inspiration for your dinner. Have you been successful with meal planning? For many months, I’ve been meal planning and it gives me so much sanity. Maybe you’ve experienced what I wrote about in this post. Maybe […]

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Weekly Meal Plan 6

Somehow, I’ve got a new meal plan for the week! Here is weekly meal plan 6. Grocery shopping is complete and I’m hoping I didn’t forget anything. My list wasn’t very thorough like it normally is, but I’m hoping it’s all here for the week. We had family visiting through yesterday so I didn’t get […]

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Weekly Meal Plan 4

Our weekly meal plan is alive and well! Here is week 4 for your enjoyment and inspiration. Maybe you will find one meal on our plan, to cook for you or your family. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll get behind the scenes peeks at different meals, grocery shopping, and more food madness. As […]

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Weekly Meal Plan 3

Our weekly dinner plans are up and ready! Weekly meal planning for dinner helps my family a ton. Maybe it will help you as well. In case you missed it, I’ve been sharing our weekly meal plans with you. Here is week 1 and week 2 in case you missed them. A little Mexican food is on the […]

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10 Fall Recipes You Can’t Live Without

Fall is right around the corner and with that comes some great recipes. When the leaves are falling and the air is cooler; warm, appetizing food brings us comfort. I cook gumbo year-round, but it taste 10X better during the fall and winter. No doubt you feel the same way, so I’ve got some new recipes […]

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