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Top 10 Weekend Bags for Women

top 10 weekend bags for women,

Every woman needs a special weekend bag. It’s just a fact! I’ve rounded up the top 10 weekend bags for women.

Does every woman need a little black dress? Of course. That goes without saying. I bet we all have one. Can you say you have a nice weekend bag? I can’t. I have one little suitcase that is suppose to hold everything. I’ve slacked in the luggage department forever. I got a nice set when I graduated from high school. Yep, that was 13 years ago and the wheels finally started coming off. Literally! You can laugh if you want. Go ahead and laugh!

After winning a gift certificate to One Kings Lanes, I bought this Bric’s Carry On Suitcase. I really do like it but it’s my only travel bag. So, I recently made it a point to look for a cool weekend bag. A weekend bag that was stylish, yet, could double as extra storage. Here is why every woman needs a weekend bag. After searching high and low, this is the bag I ended up purchasing.

ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag

I hope it arrives soon so I can start packing for my 10 year anniversary trip. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up my top 10 weekend bags for women. If you want black, stripes, or Gucci I’ve got you covered.

Black Weekend Bags – If you love a black bag, well there are plenty of weekend bags that will fit the bill.

Other Cute Weekend Bags

Attracted to a brown bag? One of these brown bags will be your taste.

Top 10 Weekend Bags for Women

Which weekend bag is your favorite? Better yet, which one did you order? Leave your comments below.


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