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Weekly Meal Plan 2

Happy Monday to all! Last week I shared something that I try to do every week – meal plan. It’s the start of another week and I have a loose meal plan. I’ve been doing my bulk grocery shopping at my Walmart Neighborhood Market. I have to pass up approximately 5 grocery stores to visit that one store. But it’s a small biggie. For under $150 I get most of what I need for the week…breakfast items, dinner, snacks, etc. That has definitely helped with a grocery budget. So if you’re on a tight budget, I’d highly suggest that you take a little time and meal plan. Since we work from home, Brandon and I normally have leftovers for lunch. We also make smoothies and keep some snacks on hand. Those items are not included in the plan I share with you.

What I’ll continue to share every week is meal plans for dinner. Last week, I ended up sick for a few days and had to edit my list. So you’ll see some things on this week’s list that were there last week. Don’t stress if your “plan” gets side-railed by life. Adjust and start over next week. The idea is to have a loose plan, have items ready to cook in the fridge, and reduce the stress in the evenings. So here it is…weekly meal plan 2.



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