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What Summer Time Is All About

Summer!  You are here now and I actually wouldn’t have it any other way. Here in Louisiana it’s pretty hot this summer, with highs in the upper 90’s.  Mix that with the high humidity, bad mosquitos, and you’ve got yourself a Southern summer season. The summer season conjures up many thoughts, memories, and feelings for us all. Hanging by the pool, time with friends, great vacations, and good food. Just plain ole’ good fun!

As a kid, I never really loved being outside. My Mom hated the smell of sweat and that “outside” smell…you know the one. And I was the only child for almost 10 years and that contributed to spending more time inside by myself rather than outside. We didn’t take many outside vacations as well…not many beach vacations or camping. My family just wasn’t the outdoors type.  As a kid, life didn’t revolve around being outside…until now.


This summer has been different than all the rest. For once in my life, I truly am enjoying being outside. Several things have contributed to my enjoyment of summer. The biggest change is that I now have small kids with lots of energy.  So our summer motto has been “Get the kids outside.” No more watching Disney channel, jumping off the sofas, or flipping off the walls. Let’s save that stuff for winter, when it’s too cold to be outside. For now, GET OUTSIDE! Because of our kids, we’ve been making it a point to end the work day at a certain point and spend time outside as a family. It may be hot but everyone seems to be in a better mood once we get some fresh air. I even get in a few minutes to myself doing stuff like this…sometimes. 


Another reason we’ve been really enjoying outdoors is because “B” has found a new love…grilling. He’s made a concerted effort to get acquainted with his grill and his efforts have paid off. While the kids are playing we make it a point to put dinner on the grill…hot dogs, hamburgers, pork chops, ribs, veggies, potatoes…you name it, we grill it. We’ve both learned, everything we already liked, we LOVE on the grill.  I’m especially loving this because I do a little prep work and let him take over the rest. Dinner is stress-free when we cook outside and makes good lunch leftovers too.

We spend a lot of time indoors working, cleaning, thinking, strategizing, planning, living. Being outside makes you feel alive and well. You take note of the beauty around you and see everyone become alive and happy. This is what summer time is all about. Yes, we have all year to do this but I can’t help but enjoy this season while it last.home blog, diy blog, lifestyle blog, the hollidays at home, summer time, summer season

School is starting back up. The summer days are passing quickly. I never want them to end. This 2015 summer only comes around once.  So we should soak it up. Soon it will be cool and winter will be close. Another season to fall in love with for different reasons will be here.

What’s your favorite season and why? Please leave your comments! 




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    Entertaining with a Tray: Summertime Eats & Drinks – The Holliday Collective
    Jun 21, 2017 Reply

    […] Summer starts June 20 and there is no better way to prepare than by entertaining with a tray. The kids are home from school and unfortunately the house is a mess. But that’s okay because entertaining with a tray is super simple and a family-friendly way to entertain. Personally, I get overwhelmed when it comes to having guests over. In my head, I think just make a simple dinner and dust-mop. But in reality, I start sweeping cobwebs out of corners, make a 3-4 course meal, and have to change the sofa slipcovers so they are nice and fresh. It’s literally an all-day task when we decide to have guests over. It’s because I think “everything has to be perfect.” Of course, there are times when all these things do apply, but not all the time. You can accomplish a lot with the method I’m about to teach you. […]

  2. posted by
    Mandy Loescher
    Aug 13, 2015 Reply

    I am so happy that this summer has been a good one, summers go by so quickly, enjoy every one you have!
    p.s. you inspire me, happy to have you as a friend!

    • posted by
      Crystal Holliday
      Aug 14, 2015 Reply

      Thanks so much Mandy! We inspire each other.

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