5 Laundry Tips for 

Washing Like A Pro


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Wash Like A Pro

The laundry never ends. Follow these five tips for getting the laundry done like a professional.

Step 1

Get the family involved.  Make the load lighter with extra hands. Kids can sort and learn how to use laundry machines. Baskets can help the whole family streamline dirty laundry by color/laundry needs. 

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Step 2

Turn up the music. Music creates good vibes for your brain. Play your favorite music playlist or put on a record while you tend to laundry tasks. You'll feel better about the process. 

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Step 3

Set a schedule. Create a laundry schedule that works for your lifestyle - everyday, weekends only, or every other day. Stick to your schedule so you don't get behind!

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Step 4

Keep supplies handy. Stock your laundry space with laundry detergent, dryer balls/sheets, etc. so you are never without supplies. Keep supplies in a basket to keep them nice and neat. 

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Step 5

Implement a system. Whether it be one load a day, or wash/dry/fold/put up/repeat - use the same process each laundry day for a system you can count on. 

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Laundry Never Ends But...

With a system and some fun tips, you can get the laundry done! 

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