diy bathtub tray

diy Bathtub  tray

Bathtime Done Right

A bathtub tray is perfect for placing over your tub for reading a book, lit candles, or enjoying a glass of wine….


Measure & Cut

Determine the desired length. Measure twice and use a miter saw for cutting. 



Use coarse sanding sponge and sand until all sides are smooth to the touch.


Clean & Stain

Use a lint-free rag to remove all dust and sand chips. Next, use a stain with polyurethane sealer in it for a one coat job.


Install Handle

 Make a template for proper placement. Drill holes into wood for handles and screw into each side of the board.



Meet The Maker

Crystal Holliday is a Louisiana, lifestyle blogger who loves a good home project, good food, and a big glass of wine.

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