Gardening 101 -

The Basics To Get Started


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Garden Like A Pro

Learn the basics of gardening and grow your own veggies this upcoming season.

Step 1

Learn your zone.  Every location has a garden zone that determines what kind of plants can thrive in a specific area. Research your zoning map to ensure plant survival and success.

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Step 2

Create a plan. Based on your garden zone, make garden plans for the upcoming season. Plan early to ensure you have sufficient supplies for a successful garden season. Plan seed starters, timeline, soil needs, etc.

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Step 3

Containers are your friend. Containers are a cost effective and space saving method of gardening. Ensure plants have sufficient space for root growth and to receive proper nutrients.

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Step 4

Start small. Gardening is strenuous to maintain so start small. Learn from your mistakes every season and implement changes for garden success.

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Step 5

Water and fertilize regularly. A garden has special water and fertilization needs. Daily watering (unless it's raining) is necessary for most gardens survival. 

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Gardening is hard work!

A fruitful garden is hard work but very rewarding. Learn from every season to grow the best garden. 

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