How To Decorate

Your Porch for Fall

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Fall is coming!!!

It's time to decorate your porch for fall! Here's a few tips for enjoying your porch all fall long.

Step 1

Festive wreath. Add a fresh wreath to your front door with colors of the fall season. Eucalyptus, pampas, and wheat are all good fall options. 

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Step 2

Add a fresh rug. A new rug is a budget-friendly way to decorate your porch for fall. A graphic statement will welcome your guests right into fall. 

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Step 3

Display seasonal plants. Fall perennials like garden mums, pansies, and flowering kale are great plants that can be potted and last into winter. 

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Step 4

Set the mood with lighting. Purchase lanterns to use year after year. During fall, use LED candles to set the mood after dark. Citronella candles can deter pesky mosquitoes too!

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Step 5

Freshen front door paint. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is an easy way to decorate for fall. Change the color or touch-up the current paint color. 

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Freshen Your Front Porch For Fall

Get your porch ready for the fall season with these decorating tips.

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