How To Paint

A Room Like A Pro


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Paint Like the Pros

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint and your home a new look, with these pro tips. 

Step 1

Protect surfaces. It's very important to cover any surfaces that you do not want to get paint on them. Use drop-cloths to protect floors and furniture. 

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Step 2

Purchase high-quality supplies. Research the best paint, rollers, brushes, and painters tape for your specific project. Better products will yield professional results. 

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Step 3

Prep wall surfaces. Clean walls to ensure a smooth finish. Use painters tape to get a crisp paint line. Fill and sand holes with joint compound as well. 

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Step 4

Use primer. In some cases, using a primer (tined if you're painting a dark color) may be the best route to get a professional paint job. Inspect the wall and talk with a paint specialist for best practices. 

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Step 5

Paint top to bottom. Start at the ceiling and paint in a downward motion towards the floor. This will ensure a professional finish and reduce paint splatter/drips. 

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Freshen Your Room With Paint

With a fresh paint job in your favorite color, your room will be inspiring again.

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