30 Day Workout Review

I worked out for approximately 30 days. Here’s the synopsis of what happened. Affiliate links included.

Over a month ago, I finally got enough energy to start working on a new fitness/wellness journey. For weeks, I had been mulling over whether to tackle a new diet, start running, fast, get more serious about these gut health products, or workout a lot. What should I do to be a better Crystal?

My conclusion was that I should embark on a fitness/wellness journey. A journey to a better and healthier me. It would involve some or all of the above but that’s okay if I get the desired results in the end. Specifically, how would I accomplish this?

For the month of June, I decided I’d workout EVERYDAY, or close to it. In times past, working out has always made me feel good and it’s directly related to my wellness goals. To workout everyday, I followed this Blogilates workout calendar, for the applicable month. I’m familiar with Cassey’s workouts (via Youtube) and I loved the idea of having all my workouts pre-planned. So, how did I do? Am I reaching my goals? Here is my 30 day workout review.

Day 1-3

These first 3 days were different since I had not worked out in months. My body was pretty freaked out! I was sore early on in workouts and winded. There would be 4-5 workout videos for the day, but I could only complete 2 or 3 three videos. My body ached a lot after workouts and especially the next morning. This made it hard to persist, but I knew I wanted to workout all month long. So, I keep trying everyday hoping that my body will adjust.

Day 4-9

My body starts to adjust after about a week. I’m able to complete all workout videos for the day. I feel really good about 45 minutes after I finish working out. It’s like adrenaline, better known as endorphins, being released that make me motivated to take on the rest of the day. I accomplished a lot after working out these days. In addition, Epsom salt and Tumeric tea are my friends.

Day 10

Today, I do not want to workout at all. I feel heavy and un-motivated. However, I did workout. I completed all my videos. Little calories were burned and I’m not sure what happened today. Was it all in my head or was something physical happening that I just can’t see? Well, I worked out so that has to count for something.

Day 11

I did not follow the schedule because of planned activities. I honestly had no time to workout today. It’s okay. I’ve worked out a lot and I’m not giving up. It’s just one day.

Day 12

Woo hoo! The workout videos today are all related to stretching. Thank goodness! I really needed this “stretching” day. It provided a good rest for me.

Day 13 – 14

My body is sore. I also, haven’t felt that rush after I work out. It’s probably mental or hormonal, but I do miss that feeling. I’m hopeful it will return soon. I reward myself for working out so many days by purchasing new workout clothes from Walmart. I love their workout clothes!

Day 17

Today went fast and I thought I’ll workout after I finish dinner. Well, I burnt dinner for the first time in years. Mentally, I was so disappointed in myself. Honestly, I lost my desire to workout. Also, both kids are in virtual camps this week, plus, I’m under some writing deadlines and I just couldn’t push myself to workout. I didn’t beat myself up about it too much! There is always tomorrow – a fresh start.

Day 18

I realized today that I definitely prefer to workout in the morning, before lunch. It’s like my sweet spot. The family is fed and everyone is feeling good. I just have to plan for it and do it. I did yesterday’s workout today because it’s cardio and I need that to move the scale where I want it.

Day 19 – 23

Mentally, I was struggling with some things and had to take time off. It’s amazing how your mental well being is closely connected to your physical well-being. I’ve seen this a lot with my fitness routine this month. It’s hard to workout when I’m mentally drained or struggling with something. It’s not impossible though. I want to continue to work through these hard days. It’s like working on a day where you feel unproductive. Show up anyway!

After about 3 days, I was back to working out and ready to tackle all my videos. Maybe consistency has paid off already. Very rarely have I ever missed working out and excited to start it again. Guess what? I can feel endorphins/adrenadline working halfway through workout. Yes! This is part of why I workout. I love this feeling.

Day 24

Everything was going fine in today’s workout, until I had burned 150 calories. I started feeling nauseous. Drinking more water did not help so it must not be dehydration unless I’m seriously dehydrated. So, I stopped to eat a protein bar. I’m horrible at eating properly before and after workouts. Maybe I worked out later than usual and used up all my food stores or I just need to eat more pre-workout. This is an area I really need to tackle next month. Keep going!

Day 25 – Day 31

These days were busy with work for multiple businesses. prep for a family getaway, and actually embarking on some time away with my family . So, I didn’t workout much for these days. I’m busy on our getaway, still active though. I don’t want to take time away from my family to workout just this one week. We need time to connect, disconnect from reality, and just be together.

This week taught me that it’s okay to take a break especially to connect with loved ones. Just because I didn’t “workout” during this time doesn’t mean I didn’t meet my goals. It just means I listened to my body/mind and reacted accordingly. I will continue to workout in July, when I return from my getaway. This is a journey, not a “get fit quick” system. I’m dedicated to the journey and I want to learn how to be fit forever.

What I Learned

No two days are the same – they come in batches. You may have a 3 day span where you are feeling great, no problems, and you’re noticing a difference in your body. Followed by another 48 hours, where you’ve lost motivation (mentally), you feel “heavy” (likely it’s hormonal), and you feel like working out won’t help you at all. But then you workout, day after day, bad days and good, and you meet your goals.

Your goals may be small, especially if you’re taking my route of making this a journey. The days where you’re crushing your workouts and feeling great, cherish those day. When your body tells you to rest, do that. You’re taking a rest, not quitting. That’s what I’ve had to remind myself. Resting is not quitting. Resting is repair (mental or physical) so that you can keep going. I’m excited to bring this revelation with me moving forward.

My Fitness / Wellness Plans Moving Forward

For the month of July, my plan is to workout again, for 30 days, using the same method. However, I do plan to make some modifications. First of all, I have to drink 60-70 ounces of water everyday to get closer to meeting my goals. I’m buying a bigger water bottle to help me reach my daily drinking goals. Second, I’ll be making weekly modifications to my diet to help meet my wellness goals. Third, in addition to my daily workout videos, I’ll be adding in a neighborhood walk/jog for approximately 20 minutes. I have plans to do this approximately 3 times per week. Lastly, I have to do a better job of eating something for a pre-workout meal. I’ll be trying out different bars to help.

With the above changes, I’m hopeful to get closer to reaching my goals. Obviously, I want see the scale move some this month. I’m using this scale, along with the phone app, to monitor my progress. Since this is a journey, I hope to see some progress but not looking for a miracle either. Being a healthier and fit woman is a life-long journey that I will have to work at everyday. Things will happen and I will have to adjust my system. I’m aware of this and am motivated to get there, one day at a time.

What are you doing to meet your fitness / wellness goals these days? Let me know in the comments.



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