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    3 Essentials for an Organized Bathroom

    It’s refreshing to walk into a clean, organized, and fresh smelling bathroom. The thing is, as a busy Mom, I don’t have a ton of time to clean on a daily basis. In order to achieve the goals I have for my bathrooms, I need systems in place to help me out. It’s definitely a […]

  • Stairway Wall Before & After

    Sometimes you have to wait for inspiration to strike to figure out a project. We’ve been in our home for 9 years now and I’m starting to see spaces in a whole new light. Maybe working out more regularly is helping my brain after all. HA! Our stairway wall (the wall downstairs that hides the […]

  • Cozy Back Porch

    As you know, I’ve been completing a lot of work on the exterior of our home. It’s been about 2 months and we finally finished our back porch! It wasn’t long ago that I shared the design for the back porch with you. I had started the design process and realized I should map things […]

  • Cozy Back Porch Mood Board Design

    There are a lot of things I didn’t plan this year that have just happened. Some bad things and some good things. Getting things done on the outside was rather low on the list. However, updating our home exterior is one seemingly small project that has turned into a rather big update. A few days […]

  • The Ultimate Tip to Stay on Top of Laundry

    This year has been a busy one including, deaths in my extended family, trips to visit family in Georgia and Texas, and finishing up the school year at home. What does all that mean? After a couple of trips and just everyday life, our laundry got behind. I didn’t see a way out of the […]

  • DIY: Luxury Upholstered Headboard

    Once we embarked on making over our bedroom, I fell in love with this Ashely Lasseigne’s fabric. Ashley’s fabric and wallpaper is very well-designed and it’s all inspiring. Very quickly, I decided the fabric would make an awesome upholstered headboard. So I reached out to Ashley and she also agreed with my idea. The project […]

  • One Room Challenge: Week 5

    Whew! Guys, there is less than one week left in the One Room Challenge and I’m pretty excited about that! The big reveal day is on November 8 and I cannot wait to share the whole space with you. I’ve wanted to quit several times in this design challenge. It really pushes you in every […]

  • One Room Challenge: Week 4

    Well, week four of the One Room Challenge is here and I must be honest. I didn’t get much done. I feel so frustrated to admit it but it’s the truth. Some other priorities took precedence and the project was stagnant for the past week. That does happen in projects…life happens. This past week was […]

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    DIY: Sharpie® Teacher’s Gift

    Teachers make the world go ’round! Year after year, men and women give their very best to teach our children. Though my children “homeschool” they really are enrolled in a “tuition-free online public school”. With that being the case, they have teachers that they meet with weekly (live sessions) and other opportunities (testing, open house, […]

  • One Room Challenge: Week 3

    It’s here. It’s here! Week three of the design challenge is here. I’ve been officially working on my master bedroom for three weeks, meaning we are halfway done! Or halfway not done. I’m definitely behind schedule and that’s got my nerves really bad. Plus, I was sick this week so that has slowed my productivity […]

  • ashley lasseigne designs, master bedroom before, one room challenge, shiplap, sw iron ore

    One Room Challenge: Week 2

    Guys, let’s be honest for one minute! I’ve never put together a space, like an entire room in six weeks. Can it be done? Obviously, it can. Look at the beautifully designed bedrooms that have come out of this design challenge. But I’ve always felt like true design, especially designing a home, takes time. It […]

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