4 Easy Snack Tray Ideas to (Quickly) Entertain Guests

Entertaining doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as chips and salsa, tea and muffins, or sharing a cup of coffee. Now, I’m not talking about throwing a dinner party or feeding friends a meal. What I am talking about is hosting some of your favorite people over for snacks. The reason this is important is because you don’t want guests thinking they will be eating a 5 course meal when you just have plans for snacks. So be upfront with those you are hosting in your home beforehand. There is nothing wrong with snacks and drinks or just drinks. That’s why today I’m sharing four easy snack tray ideas. All four of these ideas can be placed on a tray for guests to graze over. Look how easy entertaining can be!

1. Southern Charcuterie and Cheese Board

Charcuterie and cheese boards always work because of the varieties they provide. Different varieties of meat, cheese and fruit are to be expected. However, look for ways to add your own personal “twist” to your cheese board. For me, I love cajun food so the last time I made a huge cheese board, I looked for ways to add in some “southern flair”. In this featured charcuterie and cheese board, I added in crab dip, boudin, smoked sausage, and even pecan pralines. Talk about Louisiana “southern flair” right? Check out this easy to assemble “Southern Charcuterie and Cheese Board” for easy guest entertaining.

2. Organic Drinks: Sipp® Sparkling Organics

You’re probably already wondering how you can entertain with just drinks. Well, I totally understand that question. Well, think about it for a second. Fifty years ago, neighbors would sit on their porches, share a glass of sweet tea together, and catch up on lost times. We’ve sort of gotten away from that over the years, but you’re one invite away from having a good friend over for drinks. With SIPP® Sparkling Organics, “just drinks” is so easy. These organic sparkling drinks are full of flavor and can be served multiple ways. Serve cold, over ice, or in a custom cocktail. The glass bottles keep things “spiffy” because who doesn’t want to drink out of a glass bottle? We all do.

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3. Wine and Small Bites

Did someone say wine? Yes, I did. Literally, this has to be the easiest snack tray idea on the list.Wine, cheese, snacks, and you’re done. Grab a bottle or two of wine and some light bites to nibble on. Did you hear me? You’re done! Think nuts, crackers, maybe a vine of grapes, or popcorn. Think of what your guests might like and appeal to them too. Maybe you have a friend who’s more health-conscious or even vegan. Could you add in some small bites for them too? Also, in addition to wine, be sure to have water handy for those that don’t drink. Even when you’re doing snacks, be mindful of your guests limitations. It will go far and they will appreciate it.

4. Chips and Salsa 

What’s great about serving chips and salsa is most people like it. You can do this the super-easy way by buying great jarred salsa like 2 Sisters Salsa. If you do, amp up your presentation by placing the salsa in deep bowls for dipping. You can can personalize the experience by making your own tortilla chips or serving up multiple dips. Try bean and cheese dip for added variety. Your guests will be so addicted to your homemade tortilla chips, they won’t notice you didn’t make the salsa. Plus, it really is that great!

These 4 snack tray ideas are super simple and will help to alleviate some of the stress associated with entertaining. By simplifying your meal down to snacks guests know what to expect. Plus, you still have to clean but these tray ideas will simplify the cleaning process once everyone leaves. Lastly, if you’re feeling really fancy use paper plates. There some very affordable and stylish paper plates available. Do what works and get to entertaining!

Which snack tray idea would you try for quick entertaining? 


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