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  • The Only 3 Things Your Pet REALLY Needs

    Since the young age of 6 weeks old, our Maltese, Kipsy Behr, has been a part of the Holliday family. I say “little” because he was so tiny when we brought him home. One time, he actually fell into his bowl of food. Ha! We always laugh when we think about that memory. He was […]

  • 4 Ways to Feel Vibrant and Be Productive (What to do the night before)

    A woman’s work is never done. That quote could never be more accurate about my lifestyle. There isn’t much downtime in my busy schedule. Most days consists of all the following activities for me – preparing school lunches, school drop-off and pickups, writing, staging and styling photoshoots, helping with homework in the evenings, and of […]

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    How To Make Kid-Friendly Slime

    Well my family is late to the slime train, but we finally did it. We made our own kid-friendly slime! I’ve been intimidated about the slime craze because I was nervous about the chemical exposure. I’ve become a serious label reader to learn more about what family is exposed to. Call me paranoid or whatever […]

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    Bring the Carnival to Date Night at Home

    When I got married 11 1/2 years ago, I heard a lot of reminders and advice.  No doubt you did too.  No one ever said “make sure you make time for date night.” No one ever told me about this really fun way to stay connected with my spouse. The term “date night” seems to […]

  • cajun man's swamp tour houma la, swamp tour, swamp tour houma la, houma la things to do, swamp tour louisiana, family activity houma, la

    Explore Bayou Country on a Swamp Tour

    A swamp tour is a narrated, boat ride that explores the swamp and bayou. Our family experienced a swamp tour with Cajun Man’s Swamp Tours and Adventures in Gibson, Louisiana. Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you go! Pack Essentials  If you’re visiting a swamp tour, you’ll want to prepare accordingly. Since we were taking […]

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    Rent a Bike in Celebration Florida

    We had a wonderful time visiting the town Disney built – Celebration, Florida. The highlight of the trip was exploring the city on bikes. Here is why you may want to rent a bike in Celebration Florida too. Celebration Bike Rental is located right behind Bohemian Hotel Celebration in Celebration, Florida. We had a wonderful time lodging at […]

  • travel, celebration florida, celebration, fl, florida travel, travel florida, travel orlando, adults only trip, experience kissimmee

    Bohemian Hotel Celebration – Autograph Collection

    The last week of September, Brandon was in Orlando Florida for a Microsoft conference, so we decided to squeeze in an “adults-only” weekend trip. We stayed at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration in Celebration Florida. Here is my review of the hotel and what I loved most about our stay. The very reason we decided to […]

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    3 Essentials For the Perfect Anniversary

    Have an anniversary trip coming up and need to make plans? Don’t get overwhelmed and loose track of what’s important. There are only three essentials needed for the perfect anniversary trip. Read this post to find out what they are.  Packed and Ready to Go! Marriage is hard work!!! So, when your wedding anniversary comes around, […]

  • I See You Mom

    I see you Mom. Awake at 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30 for a late-night feeding. The baby decided to start cluster feeding tonight. Last night you slept for approximately 4 hours of broken sleep. Pfft! That ain’t sleep! Regardless, you must wake and be “normal.” You put your makeup on and smile. This time will pass […]

  • An Evening with Adele in Concert

    Adele Ticket Fiasco On December 17, 2015, we used 4 computers and precious time to do one thing – score Adele concert tickets! We knew that with all the anticipation for Adele’s U.S. concert, that it would be tough to get tickets. The tickets were expected to sell out but we had a plan to […]

  • walmart neighborhood market review, walmart, grocery store, grocery store review

    Walmart Neighborhood Market Review

    Are you looking for low prices for quality brands? Look no further than your local Walmart Neighborhood Market. Read this review to see why you might want to give Walmart another chance. There is no way of getting around it…I hate Walmart! Yep, I said. I’ve been a Walmart hater for years now and I’m […]

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    Shop Our Family Favorites

    Summer is flying by, and I do have a small confession. I’m starting to crave fall days. I mean, I love summer. This summer has been no different. But, I’m ready to put my boots and cardigans on, like yesterday. I thought we’d start the week of by sharing some of our family’s favorite items. […]

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