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Summer is right around the corner and I am so ready! It took forever for spring to arrive and I’ve been soaking up all the sun lately. I have a funny feeling that this summer will be one to remember! How about you?

Summers are super hot in Louisiana so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite wines to sip on is rosé. It’s served chilled and that makes it one refreshing glass of wine. Rosés also have an extremely broad range of wine styles from sweet to dry too. That’s why I’m excited to have found my perfect rosé – Barefoot Rosé. With Rosé Your Way™, there is a perfect rosé for everyone.


With the upcoming “summer to remember”, it would definitely be a good idea to find your perfect rosé variety too. With Rosé Your Way™, your personal rosé concierge is only a Facebook message away! There are so many rosés out there. Just send a message, and you’ll be helped to find the perfect rosé for your taste buds. I took the Rosé Your Way™ quiz and loved the personal interaction. My perfect rosé is sweet and fruity which is exactly what Barefoot Rosé is – perfect for me. 


Once you’ve found your perfect rosé variety, you may be wanting to host a wine tasting party. This would allow you and your best buds the chance to take the quiz and find your wine favorite. The best way to score or judge wine is by using a wine tasting card, in which you can use your senses to judge each wine. Each person has a unique palette so the scoring will likely differ. What does it look like? How does it smell? What notes do you pickup when you finish? Strawberry, watermelon, or another fruit? These are all things you should make a note of when you’re tasting wine.

With a custom wine tasting card, your guests can make their own notes, score each wine, and take their card home for future referencing. You can design a custom card using your home computer and printer. Follow my steps and see how easy it can be!


How to Make a Wine Tasting Card


Design Software

65 lb. White Cardstock Paper


Paper Cutter


1. Design

If you’re hosting a wine tasting, then you’ve likely already picked a theme. But if not, here’s some things to think about to help pick a template or design something from scratch. Suppose you’re focusing on just tasting rosés. When I think of this particular wine, I think of roses and actual colors like pink and gold. I can use that knowledge to get inspiration for a wine tasting card design. So look for inspiration to design a card that you love. If you love the one I made, then go ahead and print mine for free. Click here to download my pre-designed Wine Tasting Card.

2. Print

Once your design is finish, it’s time to print it.  Be sure to crop marks and bleeds when you export your design. When printing a wine tasting card, be sure to use regular printer paper to do a few test runs. You can always scale your design down to a size that you like. For this print, I scaled my wine tasting graphic down to 100%, to get the best size. Once I found the correct printed size, I printed the design on cardstock paper. This little detail will go a long way in impressing your guests. They can actually save their card as memorabilia from your wine tasting!

3. Cut

This step can give your wine tasting card a professional look. By using a paper cutter, you’ll get a perfect cut. When using a paper cutter, be careful not to cut off your design. By cropping the marks and bleeds, you’ll have clear lines/marks to make the best cuts. You can always cut off excess paper so play it safe with this step. Trim until you have the perfect wine tasting card. Now, it’s time for wine!


Now are you getting excited to host your very own wine tasting party? Pick some of your favorite Barefoot Wines and follow Rosé Your Way™ on Instagram to stay up to date. Don’t forget to take the Rosé Your Way™ quiz. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Though there aren’t many wines I don’t love, I enjoyed get a personal wine recommendation.



Will you be hosting a wine tasting this summer? Let me know in the comments below.



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