Introducing the Shop: Copper and Brass

Since October 2018, I’ve been working behind the scenes on a big idea. Around that time, I started exploring the idea of opening up an a shop to sell curated goods. Some of you may or may not know the following. In the past, I’ve sold vintage and antique items, even traveling 3 hours away, for a weekend show 4 years ago. I named my hobby Olde [pronounced “old”] Swag and did it for about a year, even selling on Etsy from time to time.

The truth is I love finding the right items and selling. But finding old goods, in decent condition, just didn’t seem sustainable for my current lifestyle. You see there is a lot of work involved in searching continuously for items, checking their quality, photographing/styling items, and then trying to sell them, where customers normally want you to go down on the price. Can it be done? Sure, but again, it just isn’t sustainable for the lifestyle I want.

After much thought and research, I decided to source new home/interior goods for home and women. This move seemed to be a more sustainable business model. We explored getting a physical shop but ultimately decided that launching as an online shop would be a good fit for me and my lifestyle. After acquiring the proper licenses and setting up my business, I then spent weeks searching for the best products to launch with. I’ve quickly learned I will never stop searching for inventory, because I always want to make sure I’m getting the best prices, the best quality, and also that I am abreast to trends that could be beneficial for my customers.

If you don’t know already the name of the shop it is not The Holliday Collective Shop, it’s actually Copper and Brass. I’ll be sharing more in a video about why I chose that name on the company blog soon. The simple truth is, I love both materials and that is what I want to pass on from the shop. Each item I have thought about whether I love it or not and only want to pass on those items. Beautiful home products for home and for you.

Well Come On In Doormat

Give Me More Wine Apron

EATS Weekly Meal Planner

So actually what kind of items are in the shop? Copper Moscow Mule mugs, coffee cups, aprons, rugs, meal planners, baskets, bags/totes are amongst the items that are currently available for purchase. There are a number of other collections that are in the works to add to the shop. The shop officially launched on March 4, with a great opening week! Special thanks to everyone who has supported the opening of Copper & Brass. It has validated that this was the right move. Combining my love for writing with physical products seems like a right fit. There will be a grand opening in the near future and I’ll share here as well.

If you’re wondering, I will pick up blogging here again but more writing will likely happen between the two sites. So follow Copper & Brass on Instagram, Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter on the website for regular updates. You can use the link in our navigation to take you straight to the shop too. I’m super excited to have you join on this lateral move with my blog. It only took me six months to go from idea to launch, which seemed like eternity to me. But now it’s here…


Will I ever have a physical retail shop? Maybe, but it will be because I’ve outgrown my space at home and can sustain the overhead of a physical shop. All the components have to be right before I take that on. For now, the web is what I know and understand. My husband is a web developer and a great designer so having him on my team has been invaluable. Copper & Brass, as it is, is the bet option for me right now. And I’m so happy you are here for the journey ahead.



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