Meal Plan Week 9

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#thehollidaysmealplan2017 week 9

Yeah for week 15 of meal planning and for sharing it here on the blog! Soon, I’ll be finding a way to showcase the previous meal plans here on the blog so you can view them better. What would help you meal plan better? Hopefully, the IG live series surrounding meal planning has been helpful to those who joined. I’ll be wrapping up the meal planning theme this week on Instagram and will move on to a different subject next week.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you’d know that cooking breakfast at night was a HUGE HIT last week! We are creature of habits so Breakfast at Night is back this week. We had steak, eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast, biscuits, fruit, and mimosas. The kids were excited and it was fun to cook. Several of you mentioned that you also cook at breakfast at night often. I loved hearing that! This meal will likely be one that sticks around a long time for meal planning.

meal plan, meal planning, family meal plan, breakfast at night

Due to different conflicts, occasionally, I move different recipes around. If it ever looks like we just had a particular meal, then it’s likely that I may not have had a chance to prepare it. That’s not a failure. Because next week, I might have something to start the plan with. That buys me a day before I have to grocery shopping. I’m always making tweaks to my plan and you should too.

Cooking tacos is a regular thing around here, however, we’ve never made our own fajitas. So, this week, I have plans to cook chicken and beef fajitas for dinner. I’ll also cook Spanish rice, homemade tortilla chips, and we’ll have 2 Sisters Salsa. I love the salsa that 2 Sisters Salsa makes! Their Fiesta blend is a family favorite. It’s one less recipe to prepare and keeps everybody happy while I cook. I’ll be sure to let you know how the fajitas turn out.

Everything else is very straight-forward and I can cook with my eyes closed. Be on the look-out for the last Instagram live meal planning topic coming this Thursday. Join me at 9:00 CST in the sitting area before we move on to another topic.

What would help you to meal plan better? Recipe ideas, a meal planning sheet to write your plan out, or is sharing my meal plan every week keeping you motivated to cook at home? Let me know in the comments below how I can help you plan, shop, and cook your way to meal planning success. 

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meal plan, meal planning, food plan, menu, family menu