One Room Challenge: Week 5

Whew! Guys, there is less than one week left in the One Room Challenge and I’m pretty excited about that! The big reveal day is on November 8 and I cannot wait to share the whole space with you. I’ve wanted to quit several times in this design challenge. It really pushes you in every way possible! You’re tired but you still have to finish projects (fits my style of decorating perfectly). You’re hungry but you push through the hunger to finish a DIY project. Mentally, you’re pushed to make decisions quickly but effectively. There really is no time to make a wrong decision. That can be a very daunting task at times. So, I’m definitely ready for reveal day though I have a ton left to do.

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Over the past week, one of the big changes in the space was having a vintage chandelier installed. I was waiting to have it put in my kitchen but that space is not ready for  lighting. So, it seemed appropriate to have it in the second best space, my master bedroom. Our good friend and electrician, Corey, helped us tremendously with this project. He knew exactly what we needed to support the chandelier as well as to change out the switches and outlets. He came two Saturday afternoons to help get everything done right. We are so thankful for his help and assistance! I can say I truly LOVE the lighting in this space!!!

Thankfully, I also had some good thrifting days and snagged several things to style with. Including vintage/antiques into the space is a no brainer for me since it’s my style. However, one of my biggest challenges has been finding the right dresser. I needed one dresser for the space and I wanted it to be vintage. That meant I’d have to continuously search not knowing when or where I’d find the piece. Guys, I just found the dresser yesterday…three days before the space is scheduled to be photographed!!! I traveled about 20 minutes to one last thrift store and found exactly what I needed. I knew this seemingly ugly dresser was exactly what I wanted. The manager let me have it for $75 and that was exciting too! I need to save as much money as possible for those last minute things I need for the space. Clean, paint, and update hardware is always my furniture makeover plan. That’s exactly what I did and you’ll have to wait until November 8, reveal day to see what it looks like now.

I also snagged this piano bench because I thought it would be a great way to include more of my Ashley Lasseigne fabric into the space. I’m not sure of the exact place I’ll put the bench…stay tuned on that. However, you can see a sort of where I’m going with it in the sneak peek picture below.

Lastly, I did a quick look of the curtains next to the blue wall and FEAR set in. Is the blue the right color?! Should I have chosen gray or even white (so predictable and safe)? Why is fear setting in now? Should I just paint it and see? I’m having that moment where I’m second-guessing my big decision and it’s slowing my progress down. Maybe it’s too much and how will the wall affect my barn door color now. Anyways, I have to make a decision because all painting has to be completed by Sunday night. Monday is all about furniture placement and styling. I cannot believe the time is here! Ah!!!!


Thanks so much for listening to me ramble throughout this process. The updates let me get my thoughts written down. Though I haven’t slept that well, eaten lots of takeout, dropped paint on my carpet twice, and burned my arm with a hot iron, it really has been a fun process. Please check out all the other One Room Challenge participants here. Also, if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to the previous weeks, here’s a week-by-week recap.

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The big reveal day is November 8 and I can’t wait to share my master bedroom with you. We are already so excited to have a space to call our own. Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates and come back here on November 8 for my final One Room Challenge update. I’ll be including furniture transformations, a DIY upholstered headboard, and more.


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