Our End of Summer Beach Trip

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Well, my friends, the time away has come and gone. If you recall in my last post about inspiring outdoor spaces, I mentioned we would be away for a bit. We went for a long weekend in Destin, Florida, and it was worth every minute. The weekend got even better since a few family members met up with us. We really like staying walking distance from the beach, and staying in a home. I don’t like making plans at the last minute, however, with our variable business income that’s just the way life is. However, sometimes it actually pays to not be in a rush to book trips, especially if you can wait it out. Last year, we ended up with a huge home since we booked the week of and got a better deal. This year we booked about a week away and ended up in the St. Tropez community within Miramar beach. I was really happy with the experience of staying in this home and would definitely visit again. No complaints!

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We started our dining out at one of our favorite places to eat in Destin – McGuire’s Irish Pub. The steaks are the best, the bean soup is only .18, and they brew their own beer and rootbeer. We always get the Ribeye, and have never been let down. Mcguire’s is a very unique restaurant and the waiters are knowledgable. The atmosphere is family-friendly and fun too. You can’t beat that when you have small kids! We were able to introduce some family to the restaurant and they enjoyed it as well. Can’t wait to go back again!mcguires irish pub, place to eat in destin, the hollidays at home


The next 3 1/2 days we spent at the beach. It was pretty hot but the weather was nice. We are pretty sun-burned too! Both kids seemed to enjoy their time at the beach and we are thankful for that. It is a different experience bringing small kids to the beach, but our kids are finally at an age where they can both enjoy it. It makes the trip more enjoyable for the adults too. Read all about my sister’s beach experience with a baby, on her blog – Life with the Crazy Crums .

the hollidays at home, destin, fl, beach

As you can see below Sebastian has sand everywhere, maybe even in his mouth.

destin, fl, the hollidays at home,

destin, fl, the hollidays at home,

Me holding my first and only nephew. Yes, I’m an “Aunt”, or a “Tee”, or whatever my baby nephew decides to call me. I’m secretly already missing having a real small baby, as Sebastian will be 2 this Sunday.

destin, fl, the hollidays at home,

I enjoyed taking lots of pictures this trip. My DSLR is still shedding sand but it was worth it. We did get one family picture together and that’s a perk of going to the beach with other people. destin, fl, the hollidays at home,

The trip couldn’t have come at a better time since there are some changes on the horizon. For now, we have sun-burned skin and have one more family vacation down in the books. What more could a family ask for? When was your last vacation and where did you go? 



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