Progress on Our Home

Many months have passed without much attention given to making any progress on our home. Yes, we try on a weekly basis to clean and keep up. However, we set out to do more with our house. Not just live in it but make it ours. Our lower level has 3-4 rooms/areas that have wooden floors that need to be refinished. We bought an antique piano maybe a year ago and it needs to be tuned and could use a little woodwork.  I may even paint it too! The living room mantel looks drab and sad. The kitchen renovation hasn’t made it past buying a few new appliances. We have really enjoyed being outside lately, so now we are having new ideas about how to spruce up our outdoor spaces. Are you getting the point? There is still plenty of work that can be done to make this house our home.

In an effort to do BIG things, wecan get

Life creeps in, work takes over, and other responsibilities leave us with little time, creativity, or even money to tackle home projects. But we are fighting back and we’d love for you to stick around while we take control. In an effort to do big things, we can get away from doing what we truly love. I love this and I have plans to get back to more creative decorating, painting, and ideas to inspire you.

We have plans to make progress on our home. So what would you love to see more of? Tutorials, ideas, decorating on a budget? I’d love to know. Please leave your comments so I can help YOU. I’d have no reason to write if you weren’t reading. So, leave a comment and talk to me. 

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