Surviving is Enough

Balance is defined as “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” In the last couple of years, I’ve read many articles about trying to find a balance, a work/life/family balance. As a stay-at-home-mom (my 3 year-old and 1 year-old are with me 70% of the time), work from home woman with mainly 2 businesses (multiple businesses in the works), wife to a silly web developer, and blogger (yes, I do blog occasionally or I think about it ALOT) – YES, I AM BUSY! 

So, when I read this article by Jenell Paris it really resonated with me.  She talks about “work life survival” and just doing what it takes to survive.  Finally, an article that is speaking to me!  Most days are far from perfect from here, but I’ve been “trying to find that balance.” That has lead to frustration and disappointment.



I’ve tried for some time to evenly distribute the weight of the many parts of my life – work and life. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself too. And guess what I’ve learned? Balance is not possible for me…it just ain’t gonna happen. I’ve learned really quickly this year (the busiest year of my life) that trying to find this balance I keep reading about, just isn’t going to happen.  There are way to many things going on, on a daily basis, to stress myself with “I gotta find a balance.” And that is OK.

What I am in control of, is keeping what things are important to me, at the forefront of my day and my life. This includes my spirituality and the well-being of my family. They keep things in perspective and keep me grounded. These things are at the top of my list. The other items…the businesses, the clients, the shows, the events, the obligations (whatever they may be) MUST fit in where they can. Most of the time, that means that it’s crazy-busy here at The Holliday’s at Home.  But as long as we are maintaining, everyone is safe and doing well…that is enough!

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This home has no space for a frustrated, disappointed, and non-creative wife/mother. So in effort to regain our creativity (B needed some help too), we left town for a few days.  We went to the beach, snuggled with our babies a little more, slept later, ate whatever we wanted and just refreshed ourselves.  The beach has a good way of doing that! I’m happy to say that I’m back feeling creative and balanced. Now I’ll be spending my crazy-busy days remembering to just maintain and survive. There is no such thing as balance…just survival.



How do you maintain?  When things get overwhelming do you head to the beach like us? What’s your getaway?  Let me hear it.

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