Upstairs Bathroom – Demo Day

bathroom renovation, bathroom remodel,demo day

demo day

You read that right! Demo day is here. Follow along on this bathroom renovation as it progresses over the next couple of weeks.

This project all started due to a leaking toilet. A couple of weeks back we noticed the toilet base was leaking – ONTO THE FLOOR. This was definitely an issue! How long had the toilet been leaking? Should we just replace it or address the floor too? Soon, changing the floor turned into demoing the entire bathroom. I could have painted the vanities, updated the light fixtures, and replaced the toilet. Refinishing the tub could also have been done. It would have looked, refreshed, but not updated. We couldn’t make peace with partial updates. In the long run, that just didn’t make sense. So we’ve officially embarked on a 2-3 week renovation. View the bathroom mood board here.

bathroom renovation, bathroom remodel,demo day

Toilet Nook / Subfloor

In my original plans, we honestly didn’t know what we’d do with the tub. It was huge (42 inches long), which made it a custom size. They don’t sell these at Lowe’s. We would have to special order a tub to fit exactly in the space.  It was in decent condition, but it was also cultured marble. Overall, it was big and outdated. So we could have left it in or take it out and deal with it. After much discussion, we decided we’d be 10 times happier if we went ahead and demoed it all. Why come this far just to have a big, ugly tub? Nope, not today!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the tub out. It’s all gone! I actually love it as a blank canvas right now. It looks like we will tile around a “regular tub” and build out the sides to accommodate for the difference in space. So that means more tile to pick out. There is no way I’d go with anything other than subway tile though. It’s super classic and white! I never thought subway tile would be a part of this bathroom renovation, but because of the tub demo it looks like it will come into play.

old bathroom tub - cultured marble

Profile of Tub Area Before Demo

The stone that the tub was made of was solid. It was loud when it came down and it was thick. Wow! It was a monster! But with a tough beating it all came up. A live electric wire was found underneath the tub. We have no real idea why, but it’s live. For now, it doesn’t seem like a huge issue. Also, we will have to move the plumbing over to accommodate for the new standard sized tub. Not looking forward to that. Though it’s fairly simple, we will need a professional. If for some reason, the tub fits, we won’t need a plumber. But knowing my house, we will need a plumber.

bathroom renovation, bathroom remodel,demo day

Tub Area after Demo / Sheetrock in Tub Area

I’m super happy to report that the chocolate luxury vinyl flooring is gone! It had grout lines, though it was not real grout! I guess that was the thing back in the day. The color was awful to me, but I still cleaned the mess out of that floor up until now. I should probably start researching how to properly clean mosaic tile or just tile in general. I want the new tile to last for decades and need to properly care for them. More research is needed. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

old vinyl tile floor

Tile Before Demo

bathroom renovation, bathroom remodel,demo day

Tile Demoed / Damaged Subfloor from Toilet Nook

My stomach is in knots as demo day is complete. Tomorrow the new tub will have to make it up the stairway and into the bathroom. Yikes! Renovations are full of unforeseen issues. Pretty sure, I’ve run out of pennies to count too. However, this upstairs bathroom is gonna be so nice when it’s complete.

What do you think so far? 


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