You Vote – We Create: Project 1

Last week, I shared my new home projects challenge with you and shared how you can be apart of it. Today, I’m live with my first space that’s apart of Project 1 for the “12 Months / 12 Projects challenge.” Here is the space and some more details to help you make a decision.

the space

living room after 2

Location of space in home

This sitting area is located in the back of our living room and is the first area you see when you walk in the back door. The only people who don’t use the back door to access our home are strangers. So, you’re basically looking at our “back foyer” area or as I’m calling it “sitting area”.


As you can tell, this sitting area gets a lot of light during the day. However, there is no actual light in this space. Over a year ago, I removed the old custom drapes that were hanging on the back doors. I never added any drapes or curtains back onto the windows. Honestly, I like it being open and bright. But it’s probably time to add that project to this list. The light is great during the day but there is hardly any light over here at night. So, a lamp or two would be a good idea.

To Move the Piano or Not

When I bought the antique piano, I knew this space was exactly where it would go. Now as time goes on, I wonder if this space could be utilized better throughout the day. There are 2 other places that the piano could be moved to – the dining room or current mudroom space. If we did move it, then this would definitely have to function as a mudroom space. If we decided to leave the piano where it’s at, then I’d like to upgrade the entire back wall. Also, I’d consider painting the piano and the stool. It’s in need of some repair and a painted piano in this space would be super fun!


To make this sitting area more functional, I would start by removing everything. The goal would be to make it more of a mudroom space. If we went this route, I’d add more seating and also baskets to store items. A console table would also be nice to hold items that need a home as you walk in and out the door. This would make the space super-functional, right as you walk in the door.

No Gallery Wall

One thing is for sure in this space…I’m over the gallery wall here. I have this clock gallery wall in the living room. My mantel is normally styled in a gallery style as well. I’m really looking to do something a lot more simple on the walls here in the sitting area. Whether the piano stays or not, I picture oversized frames on the wall. I’ll have to determine what images I’d like to see in them. But, I like the idea of simple styling on the walls here. So, with all that said, here are the 2 options I’ve come up with for the space. Review and vote at the bottom of the post!


project 1 - option a


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I’ve got lots of more exciting projects for you to help with this year.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite option on Project 1! I can’t do this without you! 


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