Weekly Meal Plan 6

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Somehow, I’ve got a new meal plan for the week! Here is weekly meal plan 6.

Grocery shopping is complete and I’m hoping I didn’t forget anything. My list wasn’t very thorough like it normally is, but I’m hoping it’s all here for the week. We had family visiting through yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to think about meal planning until this morning. It was a little rushed, but it’s done. There is a plan! If I had any advice for meal planning, it’s to make a good list. Once you’ve decided on what recipes you’ll cook, make a list of everything you need. Also, to prevent waste, double-check for items that you may have already. I can’t say that I always get the best price for food. My schedule doesn’t allow for me to shop around for the best price. Taking time to shop at the Walmart Neighborhood Market has helped with keeping the grocery bill reasonable. However, I don’t get all of my items there and don’t go every week.

This week I’m trying a new recipe…skillet rosemary chicken. I had some chicken breasts that I didn’t use last week, so I searched Food Network’s website for ideas. It looked almost like a one pot meal with items that my family eats, so I’m going for it. Also, for a healthier option, I’ll be cooking brown rice, instead of white rice. We’ve tried brown rice before but didn’t really care for it. It’s a small change that will be beneficial. When your family is picky it can make it hard to try new recipes.

skillet rosemary chicken, chicken recipe, meal planning

Source: Food Network

Lasagna is also on the menu for the week. Easy to cook and so delicious! The family will enjoy having that. Here is the lasagna recipe that I’ve used in the past. We haven’t had pasta in weeks so lasagna will be a nice change.

Remember, don’t forget the power of leftovers. And definitely always remember my meal planning advice…

With a little planning and a lot of love, dinner time can be a success.


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