5 “Me Time” Ideas for Busy Moms

Motherhood, where do we even start? It’s awesome, hard, exciting, tiring, rewarding, and even bittersweet – all at the same time. As a woman, it’s definitely one of the hardest and biggest tasks I’ve ever taken on. In addition to everyday responsibilities, each day comes with it’s own set of challenges. How do I keep up?

One simple way for me to keep going is scheduling some time for myself. Over time, it’s actually become easier to do simple things for myself. I now include some of my favorites into my routine like Kaukauna® Singles. With Kaukauna® Singles, every day is a day worth celebrating and I’ll teach you how to do so too. Being a Mom is not for the weary but you can find time to re-charge with a few easy ideas. Here’s 5 “me-time” ideas for busy Moms.

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1. Call a friend and catch up.

It’s amazing how much time can past before you catch up with those you love – friends and family. One simple way I carve out time for myself is re-connecting with those special people in my life via phone. Yes, I text A LOT but there is nothing like hearing the voice of someone you care about. By talking over the phone, you can let the conversation take you both where it may. Recently, my childhood best friend and I pre-scheduled a good time to talk and catch up with each other. We currently live in different states so we aren’t as close as we were as kids. However, we always feel connected after we set aside 30-45 minutes to talk. It’s honestly not enough time but it still really makes this Mom feel good inside. That’s what counts! The authentic human connection is enough to re-charge me for the rest of my day.

2) Enjoy your favorite snack.

There is no doubt that there is a link between food and our feelings. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to re-charge, look no further than your favorite meal or snack. As an easy snack, I like to indulge in the new Kaukauna® Singles. Kaukauna® has been creating delicious spreadable cheese for over 100 years, a Wisconsin Tradition since 1918.  With their new cheese singles, it’s easy take time to do something for yourself – every Single day.

Combine your favorite Kaukauna® Singles flavor, sharp cheddar or port wine, with crackers or celery. Kaukauna® Singles are more spreadable than the existing Kaukauna® products but with the same great taste! Each box has four (4) 2oz single serving cups for snacking anytime and anywhere you want to go. I like to combine this one activity with one of the others mentioned. Who says you can’t eat your favorite snack while reading a book? You can! For extra savings, use Ibotta and save $1 on any (1) Kaukauna® Product. There is no need to wait – the offer starts 06/24/19.

3) Schedule a beauty treatment

If you’re a busy Mom like me, it’s likely that giving attention to yourself can be towards the bottom of the list. I get it! So, how’s a Mom to give attention to her physical appearance? You can add beauty treatments to the top off the list by simply scheduling it. Personally, if I don’t schedule an activity, it’s likely it probably won’t happen. So, if you’re overdue for a hair cut, a pedicure, or a facial, make an appointment today. Every two weeks, I have a standing appointment with my hair stylist. During that appointment, I get to chat with adults (work at home problems) and get my hair washed and styled. Don’t have the extra funds to pay for beauty treatments? I’ve been there too so don’t fret. Pickup your favorite spa essentials and do it yourself. After the kids are in bed, paint your nails or try out a new facial mask. No excuses!

4) Read a book

With audio, digital, and hardcopy options available in most all books, it’s super easy to get lost in a new book.  This will require some quiet time to enjoy but it can be done. Get lost in an adventure in a fiction book or pickup something non-fiction (my preference) for something with more drama and quirks. What’s important is that the subject matter interests you. I’m passionate about interior design and styling so reading a non-fiction book about that subject excites me. They also have lots of pictures too so that keeps my mind interested. Rather than a magazine, a book, keeps you coming back for more and more information. Pick up a new book and get lost in it for a little while. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for even us busy Moms. Don’t forget to add in a good snack too!

calligraphy, calligraphy hobby, hobbies for moms, how to calligraphy

5) Find a new hobby.

It may take a while to find a new hobby you like however, keep trying things that may or may not interest you. I’ve never enjoyed drawing or even my handwriting, yet, I’ve challenged myself to learn hand lettering or calligraphy. Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. Well, I love writing – it’s a true outlet for me. So, calligraphy is a nice hobby to take up that’s related to something I already enjoy. In the last decade, hand lettering has really taken off in a more modern direction, which makes it easy to find learning resources. There are a ton of books and videos that will teach pretty much anything – photography, sewing, jewelry making, etc. Calligraphy it is for me but definitely find a hobby that works for you.

calligraphy, calligraphy hobby, hobbies for moms, how to calligraphy

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With a little thought and scheduling, busy Moms can carve out time to re-charge. During those brief moments, look to include your favorite things like your favorite snack. Over time, taking care of Mom will be just as important and as easy as taking care of everyone else. In these moments, think of how even the small moments are worth celebrating – every Single day.

How do you find time to re-charge as a Mom? Let me know in the comments below. 


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