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We officially have a cozy back porch! Check out all the details in this post. Affiliate links included.

As you know, I’ve been completing a lot of work on the exterior of our home. It’s been about 2 months and we finally finished our back porch! It wasn’t long ago that I shared the design for the back porch with you. I had started the design process and realized I should map things out more with a mood board. I even linked to some of the items that I was purchasing. It’s been quite a process, especially since I had to paint the entire porch floor and railing to start.

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Our back porch is actually used a lot since its used as entry in our home the most. Our house is on a corner and so is the driveway. So really our back door is your first impression of our home, not the front door. There was a swing back here and a little bistro set. That’s it. However, we love being outside especially during spring and summer, so having an inviting space was overdue. I cleaned the porch well and started painting with Sherwin Williams -Black Magic. I’ll be sure to update you over time as to how the paint holds up. Here’s some before pictures of the back porch.

Side/Back of Home Exterior 2011 (In true Acadian architecture, there was no railing when we moved in, however, our home insurance required it so we installed porch railing.)

Porch Floor Prior To Cleaning

Little Hands Helping Paint the Back Porch

Porch Floor Fully Painted

Patio Set Being Put Together by Brandon, The Man Behind Any Good Picture of Me

After weeks of painting, sourcing items, putting furniture together, finding the right plants, waiting for items that were taking a long time to ship, and more – the back porch is done! All the big pieces I wanted for the space are in place and we have been enjoying the space. Guess what? My husband has commented so many times how this space is cozy. When the fan is blowing on high, he normally falls asleep. My friends, that is exactly what I had planned for this space – COZINESS! Here are a lot of AFTER pictures of the space.

Patio Set | Drop Cloth Curtains w/Plastic Backing | Black Lanterns | Solar Pendant

To make the space cozy, I tried to add layers of texture and lots of plants. In the last year, I’ve realized how much plants make a space cozy. We could only fit so much furniture in this space so I decided to fill it in with rugs and plants. That was a huge factor in making it cozy. To me, cozy means textures and tight-knit layers. I feel like this space features that. The patio set takes up the bulk of the space, and then rugs and pillows fill in the space.

Patio Set | Similar Tropical Pillow

Brandon mentioned half way through the project if we added some curtains how that would add in an extra layer of coziness. Though I loved the idea, I didn’t want the upkeep of curtains outside. However, just last week I decided that curtains were worth a shot. I was going to get cheap drop cloth curtains and call it a day. They are long and natural looking, plus they are very affordable. When I got to the store, I discovered they had a dual layer canvas drop cloth. One side had plastic and the other was the normal canvas material. This seemed liked the perfect option to me. I figured that the plastic-lined back would be great for rain and other weather elements. We will see how they hold up over the year.

Black Lanterns | White Fiddle Leaf Fig Planter | Patio Set

Black Lanterns | Watering Can | Black Planter

This black planter is filled with herbs, Italian Oregano and Lemon Thyme – all perfect for cooking. I love how they are blossoming and fragrant. They are so pretty, just waiting to be picked for a cocktail or dinner. These herbs have a dual purpose and I just love that!

Black Planter

Patio Set | Similar Copper Stool | Tasseled Rug

Hammered Garden Stool w/Lid | Garden Shears

On the porch railing, I decided to plant flowers that were minimal and hopefully fairly low-key. Low-key or not, I love fresh lavender and had to plant it. In times past, it doesn’t last very long for me. I keep planting it anyways. The smell is awesome as you walk up the porch. The flowers are minimal too. I also planted Creeping Jenny in the planters because I love how fast it grows and hangs in planters.

Similar Rail Planter

Towards the end of the project, it was obvious to me, that I needed to add plants up the walkway/stairs. Our house is raised so we have brick steps in the front and back porches. I flanked the top and bottom steps with Boston Ferns, because they “fluff” theirselves out and I needed something with a presence that was affordable. Yes, they are hard to keep alive but if they last until the end of summer, I’ll be happy. I also added lavender planters and a Philodendron monstera, or AKA a Swiss Cheese Plant. We shall see how it does outside here on the back porch. I’d love to have one inside but it’s official that I have more plants outdoors than inside. That’s okay since we’re almost in my favorite season – summer.

Opposite side of the fern/lavender mix, is a little container garden I created. I had an old copper container that I planted some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, pumpkin (on accident), and mint. So far, I’ve been able to harvest 2 cherry tomatoes which is exciting. If I can make this container garden successful, I’d like to move to a standing container garden next year. Do you have a container garden? I’d love to hear all about it.

This back porch space has been a labor of love. I can honestly say that with everything going on in the world, it’s been so refreshing to create an inspiring space for my family and I. Also, our back porch has been a refuge for us. Our back porch has turned into an oasis – relaxing and revitalizing. Can’t get to the beach? Go to the back porch. Can’t visit family? Go to the back porch. Feeling stuck and depressed? Head outside to the back porch. We will be here if you’d like to stop by…

What do you think of our new back porch? What’s your favorite feature? Let me know in the comments below. 


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