8 Things You’re Probably Searching for Right Now

Living through a pandemic will leave you searching the internet for all your needs and wants. This post contains affiliate links.

Essential worker or not, one thing is true and that is that we are all spending more time on the internet, unfortunately even my kids. So what has everyone been doing on the internet and what are people buying? Zoom, Animal Crossing, Facetime games, DIY haircuts, and kindergarten workbooks are some of the trending topics we discovered in our research. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite COVID-19 trending topics to share with you. 


Blue Light Filter Glasses


Scrolling Facebook more than you need to? Helping the kids with online school everyday? Working from home? If you’re doing all above or even one of these things, you’re on the computer a lot. Your eyes can be easily strained looking at your bright computer screen for 8, 10, or even 12 hours a day. Most devices do not come with blue light filters so one way you can help yourself (your eyes) is by wearing your own blue light glasses. All Warby Parker Frames can receive a blue light lenses on them for an additional fee. Here’s the blue light glasses I have and I love them. 


Resistance Bands

Have you been working out more? The pandemic has equaled “getting in shape” for many. At first, I think many of us were stuck inside with all the snacks. Ha! However, as it became safe to exercise, while still socially distancing ourselves, many have done just that. Exercise is a great stress reliever too! And, I’ve joined that bandwagon. So, it’s no surprise that resistance bands were on the list of highly searched items during COVID-19. 


Nail Kit

Salons and nail parlors were closed for weeks in most cities across the world. DIY haircuts, and gel/shellac nail polish became the “norm” for many. Clean hair and pretty nails definitely make you feel sane in the middle of a pandemic. In spite of not being a professional, many of you bought your own gel nail kits and found a way to keep your nails shining. It’s amazing how fast you learn to go the DIY route when you’re forced to. 


Bread Maker

Of course, I had to include the famous COVID-19 bread making shenanigans. Who out there has been making bread? Even I tried to make Irish Soda bread and it turned out good. So, seeing bread makers on the list of trending topics wasn’t a big surprise. You have probably seen someone on Instagram making their own bread. Being stuck at home is the perfect time to perfect recipes, especially more difficult recipes, like bread. 


Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools are trending! Lots of beach vacations have been cancelled so what better way to celebrate summer than with your own pool. If you have the yard space and have kids, an inflatable pool gives you all the action of a pool, without a big commitment. Take it down when you’re ready to. If we had a bigger yard, I’d definitely add this to my summer list. 


With extra time on your hands, many have not only found new recipes, but also fiddled with new instruments. Ukuleles and keyboards are trending and I loved seeing this trending topic. My family enjoys playing instruments and it’s a very good way to spend time. In addition to keyboards, my daughter loves her ukulele. Playing an instrument is another great stress reliever too so find an instrument to play. 



Bored? No where to go? Lots of time on your hands on nights and weekends? Start a puzzle with your family and work together until it’s done. We’ve done puzzles as a family and the kids particularly like the challenge. Grab your coffee or your wine (all depends on the part of the day) and start that puzzle that’s stuck in the box. Or choose a long weekend to do the whole thing. 


Tomato Seeds

Anyone else interested in gardening? Tomato and cucumber seeds have been trending during COVID-19. It’s because people have more time to tend to everything a garden needs and tomatoes are fairly easy to grow. I mean, even I’ve been able to keep my tomato and cucumber plant alive. So almost anyone can do it! Gardens take a lot of time, patience, and work. Maybe for once in a long time, we have time to give our gardens what the need. 

Though we find ourselves in an unlikely situation, we are trying to make the best of it. It was definitely fun and interesting to see all of the topics that people have been searching during a pandemic. Other interesting topics that are trending is “chicken coop“, “bidet“, and “TikTok lights“. Funny right?! For the full COVID-19 trending topic list, check it out here: Glimpse.

Which topic have you searched for? Let me know in the comments below. 

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