How to Create the Ultimate Cheese Tray

Have you been wondering how to create the ultimate cheese tray? I’ve got some tips to help you pull off an awesome cheese tray with the perfect fixings.

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Get a variety of foods.

The best cheese tray has more than cheese on it. Gather a variety of fruit, cheese, crackers and olives for your cheese tray. A variety of ingredients appeals to a variety of people.

In my case, I knew that 10-15 people would be snacking on this cheese tray. Therefore, a variety of items would appeal to more people. I also knew a few of my guests preferences so I bought items that they would enjoy too. To create my cheese board, I used 2 different fruits – strawberries and grapes. I bought 3 varieties of olives – black, green, and jalapeno-stuffed. Nothing too experimental with cheese. I used colby jack, pepper jack, and cheddar cheese. In addition, to cheese, olives, and fruit, I used meat. Peppered salami, pepperoni wrapped mozzarella, and freshly-sliced pepperoni were the perfect meats for this cheese tray. Lastly, I added in 2 different crackers. This wasn’t the cheapest cheese tray but it was worth every penny.


A serving board or tray gives the you the perfect base to create something appealing.

Many stores sell really pretty serving trays nowadays. I personally like the marble and wood boards. Target had this acacia board that served as the perfect palette for my cheese tray. The texture of the wood grain adds personality to the presentation. Here are a few more serving trays that could work in case you’re looking for one.


Marble and and wood serving tray


Acacia Wood Paddle Board Turquoise

Arrange your food by the amount you have. Start with the largest amount first.

In my case, I had 3 meats, and 3 cheeses. So, I could have started the arrangement with either one. I choose to start with the cheeses. Then, I slowly worked my way around the entire acacia board arranging fruits by kinds. Cheese, meats, crackers, olives, and fruit was the order I used to place everything on the tray. Not everyone likes olives so I put them in containers so the olive juice wouldn’t wet other nearby foods. This is what worked for me, but do whatever system works for you. Just arrange your food all around the tray until it’s completely full.


cheese tray arrangement

Soon you will have a cheese tray…



Herbs add the perfect touch.

Rosemary, thyme and similar herbs can be added as sprigs into the cheese tray. This is simply a way to add your own special touch to your cheese tray. I chose to add rosemary sprigs throughout the cheese tray. It just makes your tray look custom and special. Yes, food arranging can be thoughtful! Doesn’t this tray look well-thought out? If you’re gonna only serve food on a tray, then you should put some thought into it. Guest appreciate those special touches.


Ta-dah! You’ve created the ultimate cheese tray!



The ultimate cheese tray takes a little time and attention. Your guests will rave about it though and you’ll be happy you put in the work.


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