An Evening with Adele in Concert

Adele Ticket Fiasco

On December 17, 2015, we used 4 computers and precious time to do one thing – score Adele concert tickets! We knew that with all the anticipation for Adele’s U.S. concert, that it would be tough to get tickets. The tickets were expected to sell out but we had a plan to be a part of that reason. We already knew that we would attend the Houston, TX show because that was the closest show to us. It’s actually a 5 hour drive but we figured it would be worth it. Plus, we had discussed attending the show with my friend and her husband who live nearby. It would be epic! Plan in place, now let’s just see how we can get those tickets.

Tickets were to go on sale at 10:00 am that day. So that morning, around 8:00AM, I decided to just go to the Toyota Center’s website to see if anything had changed. That was the best decision I made that day. There was a virtual waiting line for tickets! So once I was in the “ticket queue”, I could not leave. This was our spot to get in line to purchase a ticket. That’s when we made the decision to log in a few more computers into the “ticket queue”. We figured one of the devices should be able to find some availability. So for 2 hours, our computers were in queue. If you left, you would loose your spot.

We started getting nervous. I mean Adele is one of the best modern-day singers of our time. She’s classy, modest, and the woman can sing out of this world. I definitely wanted to see her in concert! Then 10:00 rolled around and our ticket queues started making progress. Two of our devices made it to purchase tickets! However, 2 never found tickets before they all sold out. WOW! We quickly determined which seats we wanted and sped through the time-limited checkout phase. WHEW! It was nerve-racking but so fun. That was almost a year ago but we finally made it to see her last week.

adele live 2016

Day of the Adele Concert

Honestly, it seemed like this day would never come. But on November 9th, after leaving a wallet, getting the kids set-up with grandparents (shout-out to awesome grandparents who love grandkids), washing the car, packing the family’s clothes, and making tons of notes and checking them twice, we were off to Houston, Texas. It’s definitely weird going on like a date in the middle of the week, 5 hours away from home, with no kids. I always struggle in that area of feeling guilty about doing anything does not involve my kids. At times, I feel selfish. However, I’m working on my thoughts and tried to wrangle my nerves that day, for the task at hand. We were going to see Adele with my best friend! This would be an EPIC night.

When we arrived, we had to get dressed immediately. My friend and I had our makeup done by this lovely lady, Brittany.  She really is good at what she does and took into consideration all my requests. I secretly wish I could get my makeup professionally done every week. Don’t tell anyone. Ha ha! We sped off to eat dinner at Churrascos in River Oaks. Churrascos is an upscale South American steakhouse offering prime cuts, pisco sours & other drinks in a luxe setting. The setting was very nice but not overly formal. I had the “Gambas al Ajillo” which was pan roasted garlic shrimp, scallions, zucchini with lemon butter and jasmine rice. Rice and shrimp will work for me any day! Next up…Adele.

churrascos houston

Blurry iPhone pics are a must at concerts. You should try it some times.


One thing is for sure…Adele can sing. But oddly enough, she loves to talk too. She talked to us so much! Seriously, you’ve never been to a concert where the artist talks as much as Adele talked during this concert. By the end of the show, you felt like she was your best friend. She was so “down to earth” and sweet. I never thought that we would have so much insight into her life. She would share tidbits with the audience about her life or why she was motivated to write different songs. I actually loved this about her concert. She seemed so appreciative of everyone attending her show. That made it memorable. We sang to every song even “Set Fire to the Rain”.


The night was truly epic! I would go see Adele in concert in a heartbeat. It was really that good. Being able to spend the night with those that mean a lot to me made November 9, 2016 one for the books. I’m not feeling so selfish after all.



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