Fall Mantel

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The cold weather seems to have settled in southern Louisiana. So, it’s only fitting that I finish decorating the mantel for the season…the fall season.  And no, it is not winter yet…winter doesn’t start until late December! But, I can promise you this mantel will be around through the winter.  This is how it looked last fall.  And yet again, it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do!  However, it all came together one night.  I was feeling inspired and within a matter of minutes I had finalized the fall mantel.

fall mantel, mantel decor, mantel decorations, mantel, decorated mantel

For the most part, I shopped my house for items that could be used.  Several items came from around the house and even the porch.  It seemed to all come together when I found a basket of pinecones at a garage sale last weekend.  My yard doesn’t yield any pinecones so I was happy to buy a basket for $1.  The pinecones add a rustic touch to the mantel and convey the change of seasons.  Also, I bought 4 old books for $1 as well.  I searched my craft cabinet for scrap fabric and found lots of burlap to add some color and texture.

fall mantel, mantel decor, mantel decorations, mantel, decorated mantel

A large basket gives us easy access to lots of blankets.  Fall weather is definitely the perfect “snuggle weather.” The big patchwork quilt actually belonged to my grandmother and I’m happy to have it in my collection.  The little chair at the bottom was found on the side of the road and it fits in perfectly with the area.


Candlelight is another warm touch and at night it makes the area so pretty.  Now, I can’t wait to light the fireplace!

fall mantel, mantel decor, mantel decorations, mantel, decorated mantelBring on fall! The cooler weather, leaves falling, warm gumbos and soups…it’s a very nice time of year!


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