How To Start A Blog: Step 2

Happy Friday! That means the weekend is officially about to start, and we can’t wait! If you stopped by the blog last week, you learned about the new series we started – How To Start A Blog. This series is for the person who has always followed blogs but has been intimidated by the process of starting their own. This series is to inspire you to be a leader! You can start your own blog! Yep, you. Your own platform, to share with your audience, what’s important to you.  I’ve broken the series into steps to make it manageable for anyone to do. If you work on one step a week, you won’t be overwhelmed. You will also make the right decisions for your blog and you. Each week, I’ll be sharing a new step, and I’d be happy to learn about your progress along the way. Got a topic to write about?! Well, then you’re ready for our next step.

Step #2 – Pick a name. 

So, you’re feeling really excited about your topic?! Great, now you’re ready to pick a name. For us, we knew we wanted to talk about house projects and life at home. We work from home, our kids are at home, and we love house projects. That made our blog name, “The Hollidays at Home” a perfect fit.  We tried coming up with other things but they really weren’t a representation of us.

Like any brand, the name of your blog should be a perfect representation of you and what you have to talk about. In this case, you’re selling your audience on your topic and your specific voice on the matter. Don’t be afraid to be unique and think out the box! This is your brand!!! Sometimes choosing something simple is best too. You only have several seconds to capture a new reader, so it’s important that they remember you. Be unique and let your name represent you.

Not sure where to start?  Search the internet for blogs with a similar topic and see what names you find. Start with your own favorite blogs and see what they choose. Next, think hard about your topic. Do any keywords come to mind that if combined would make a good name? This research will help you get going with ideas.

Once you’ve got some solid ideas, start a list with your top 3 choices. Once you feel you’ve found a blog name you like, embrace it. Take a few days and let it marinate. Ask a close friend what they think about the name. Don’t rush this process but don’t get stuck on it either. Once the name is final, move on to the next step. We want to maintain your excitement and get you writing as soon as possible.

Did you find this second step on starting a blog helpful? In case you missed the first step, go back and read about it here. If you need assistance with any of the steps in this series, please message me on Facebook or email me directly. I’d be glad to help you. Enjoy your weekend!


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