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Summer starts tomorrow and I’m so excited! Summer is likely my favorite season so I’m literally jumping up for joy. There are so many elements that I love about the summer season…flip flops or no shoes at all, grill days, cold drinks, and lots of time in the sun. In addition, I’m launching my first newsletter! Are you subscribed to receive blog newsletters? If not, then don’t miss out. Here is the link to subscribe just in case you want to see what our newsletter is all about.  Alright now, back to the weekly meal plan. This is the 15th week that I’ve shared my family’s meal plan with you and I always get good feedback. That’s why I’ve continued as much as I can.

fresh shrimp

This week will mostly be the normal items, including one of my most favorite things to eat – shrimp.

It’s shrimp season here in Louisiana so GIVE ME ALL THE SHRIMP!

We’ll boil the shrimp, along with sausage, potatoes, corn, and mushrooms. A little butter, seafood boil, garlic, and onions should add just the perfect amount of seasoning. This is literally one of my favorite things to eat – EVER. So, I always love it when shrimp are in season, fresh, and can be picked up from my local grocery store. My whole family also loves boiled shrimp so it makes everyone happy.



There is one new recipe that I’ll be serving this week and it is Beef Enchilada Casserole. Though I have a picky family, they do like Mexican food…tacos, Spanish rice, black bean salsa, and more. So, I’m taking that idea and running with it this week. I’m going to attempt a casserole with some of their favorite items in it. Tortillas, beans, beef, and cheese are all included in what looks like the most appetizing dish. My favorite part about this beef enchilada casserole is it’s a one pot meal. Of course, you could still serve up Spanish rice, chips, and salsa. But that’s only if you’re feeling up to it. We’ll see how I’m feeling when I make this recipe.

roast, pork roast, pork, family meal, meal planning, family dinner, dinner plans

When I asked Brandon what he’d like for dinner one day this week he replied, “Roast!” This man loves roast and would eat it every day if I cooked it. I used to save it for special occasions or weekends only, but now I will cook a roast mid-week. Why? Because, you shouldn’t have to wait until the weekend to eat your favorite meal. The best sides to serve with roast are mashed potatoes and green beans. I’ve tried other fixings but they just don’t match up. So, I’ve decided to stick with what works.

Don’t break something that works! Just stick with it.

What’s your plan for cooking this week? Wondering where to start? Check out this post



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