You Vote – We Create Challenge

To truly have an organized and beautiful home it takes work, resources, and lots of patience.

When we first bought our home, my husband was confident that we’d renovate the whole house in a year or two. Yeah, right! We learned quickly that would not happen. We have now been in our home 5 years and we haven’t accomplished half of what we thought we would.

Sometimes I feel like all we do is make repairs (sometimes costly ones) in our home. Some of the projects that YOU HAVEN’T SEEN that we’ve had to do in the last year are replace 2 evaporator coils and drain pains for both A/C units, pressure wash and and replace all the fascia/trim on the exterior. We did hire out the upstairs bathroom renovation. For once, I wanted a space complete, not in transition. And, I’m happy we did that. This year, I’d like to take on more DIY projects though. This is how I’m going to do it.12 months 12 projects

In 2017, I’m challenging us to tackle 12 projects in our or around our home. They will include tasks like organizing a space, decorating an area, light fixture changes, and even some DIY projects.  The great part about the “You Vote, We Create” challenge is that YOU get to be apart of it all. Each space that I work on will be presented with design options. I’ll need you to vote on which option you think would work best in the space. You can vote on social media or here on my website.

Someone asked, “What if you don’t like what the audience chooses?” Well, ultimately it is my home and I can veto the decision or provide a tie breaker if needed. I’m confident that if everyone participates, the best possible outcome will happen. My followers helped me choose a bathroom vanity color and I couldn’t be more grateful for the help.  This challenge will only work if you vote though! 

Once the option has been chosen, we will complete the project and have a reveal. Some projects may take longer than others but that’s all a part of the process. Got it? Great! If you’d like to join in this challenge then shoot me an email or tag your social media posts with #youvotewecreate”. 

The first space has been chosen and will be live soon. I’ll provide the options and then you can vote. Will you join me for the “You Vote, We Create” challenge? If so, stay tuned for the first space that we’ll need to tackle. #youvotewecreate

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