DIY: Copper Light Fixture

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In organizing the master bedroom closet, there were several DIY projects that we took on. We made a barn door and installed it on sliding door hardware. We painted the off-white ceiling a dark gray. We changed our first light fixture in our home too!

When it came to lighting, I was overwhelmed. Light fixtures can get very expensive and there are a ton of options. One thing was for sure and that was the current lighting had to go. It was an under-mount, 2-light fixture, with a frosted cover. The frosted cover was chipping and hanging on by a thread.

Closet Pics 2

It was time for a little upgrade. Here are a few options I looked at. Yet, after really reviewing them, they would not provide enough light in the space or were more than I wanted to pay. So, I kept looking.

Allen + Roth Glass Pendant / Kichler Bronze Warehouse Pendant

Ultimately, I decided on this metal pendant from Project Source. For $20, I knew I could make it work. Though it was only a 1-light fixture, the maximum bulb wattage was 150. So, I knew I could get a lot of light just by going with a brighter bulb. There was one issue with the fixture and that’s that I painted the ceiling not white, but dark gray. So, I was concerned about the light getting lost when you looked up. (Who’s going to look up in my closet? Simple. Me.) 

Project Source Metal Bronze Pendant / Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

My fix for the dark ceiling and bronze light pendant was to spray paint it. So I took all the pieces out, taped off the cord so it wouldn’t get paint on it, and laid it all out on the back porch. It was raining so I had no other choice than to do it on my porch However, always spray paint as far away as possible so the fumes can air out well.


The color I decided on was HAMMERED COPPER. Yep, I decided to spray paint the light fixture copper. At $27, I figured I had nothing to loose. If the project failed, I could just go back and buy the same light fixture for $20. At that point, I still would have only spent $47. That was still cheaper than all the fixtures I liked.


diy copper light fixture , diy light fixture, update light fixture with spray paint


This was the very first light fixture we changed since we’ve been in our home. I didn’t realize my husband really knew how to change light fixtures, BUT HE DID IT. He cut and split the wires, and installed the new fixture. It worked! Now that I know this, I’ll be adding more light fixture-changing tasks to his list. Sorry, “B”.



I did not paint the underside of the light fixture but I may go back and do that. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know. This DIY copper light fixture pairs perfectly with the other copper accents I have in the space. See the full mood board of the closet here.  Everything really came together in the master bedroom closet.

Do you like the updated copper light fixture? Let me know in the comment section below. 


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