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We Built A Barn Door!


In looking for ways to beautify the master closet, I immediately thought that installing a sliding door could actually work in this area. You need enough door clearance to install a sliding door (at least 72 inches) so it doesn’t work everywhere. I really wanted to add some drama to the master closet area and building a barn door would create that effect I was looking for. Here is what the door to the master closet looked like before.

Barndoor 1 Style 3

After measuring and discussing the project with Brandon, we decided we could build a barn door. I say we, but all props goes to Brandon for actually building the door. He made the door from scratch, with fir wood, wood glue, screws, a drill, and a miter saw. Most of this was done in our bedroom (not the saw use but most of the construction), at night. That’s how we tackle projects and there is no way of getting around it. I hope we are not the only ones.
Barndoor Pics 8

Barndoor Pics 7

After construction, filling holes, sanding, staining, drying times, installing the sliding door hardware, and lots of patience we have a beautiful sliding barn door. Whew! We did this project over the course of a week but this could be done as a weekend project. We learned so much that will help us with other home projects. I really, really, love this door!

Here is what it looks like when it’s open. It really showcases the master closet and that’s exactly what I wanted. It adds some drama to the entire room and bulds anticpation for the closet. I really, really, love this door!

Barndoor Pics 1

Barndoor Pics 4
Barndoor Pics 5
Barndoor Pics 6

If you’ve been thinking about doing this DIY project of building a barn door, then don’t delay. It’s the perfect weekend project and is so worth it. We’ll be working on the tutorial to give you more details on how we constructed ours. I’ll also share important details like the kind of wood and stain we used, as well as the sliding door kit we purchased.

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