Professional Branding Photoshoot with WhimsyClo Photography

Here’s what I learned after my first photoshoot of the year.

This year, I did something I’ve been wanting to do, and even tried to do once before. I hired a local photographer, Stacie, for pre-planned photoshoots. The very first photoshoot was for branding purposes (more on branding in another post). Basically, I need ongoing pictures for my website, social media, and print material. It was easier to hire this task out, so I could focus on everything else. I also didn’t want to involve my husband since he’s already super busy. I quickly learned there is a lot of things to focus on for a photoshoot. Here’s what I learned from my brand photoshoot and a first look at some of the images.


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Clothing & Prop Planning Is A Must

One of the very first things I did was create mood boards for outfits and accessories, I planned to bring. I knew I had to address clothing and props. What would I wear? How many outfits do I create? What props should I bring? What should I wear first or last? Which accessories should I put with what outfits? Whew! I’m not a fashion stylist but I do know what I like when it comes to clothing. My overall goal was to stay true to my style and to account for the season. It was actually a very chilly day so I’m glad I considered the season for clothing choices.

Facial Expressions Matter

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wrap my head around different facial expressions. That’s where I have a lot of work to do. I basically smiled in every picture, which is fine, because this was an overall photoshoot. But one thing, I’m planning for my next photoshoot, is more story-telling in my pictures. For my next session, I hope to have some pictures in my home, which will make this process easier. It’s hard to tell a story while standing in the middle of downtown. I’ll also be doing some research on how to better execute this. Not everyday is smiles and I want my photos to share that.

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Location & Timing Are Apart of the Story

Since I was overwhelmed with everything else, I let Stacie pick our time and locations. She did a great job, since she is the expert, on taking pictures in our area. She knows all about lighting, best locations, etc. However, I now need to be mindful of locations as well. Since we have more sessions, planned, I’ll need to get more creative with locations. In addition, we took a few shots at my home, since I left my moto jacket behind. Stacie followed me to my house so I could snap a few photos in it. One thing she noted (that I know about my house) is that the light shines in front of my house as the sun goes down. So we will probably focus on shooting earlier in the day when I do shots there. So, yeah, to get great lighting, timing in regards to the location is definitely important.

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Whew! Creatively, this photoshoot pushed me to my limits. So much I wanted to do to make it just right! What helped a ton was having a relaxed professional, Stacie, guide me through everything. Stacie at WhimsyClo Photography, who I have known for several years now, was really amazing to work with. Forgot my jacket at home? No problem! Don’t know what facial expression to do? Try this! I can’t wait to work with her again. I’m already planning our next session and I can’t wait to continue to inspire you with photos.

My best,





All photos in this post are from Stacie at WhimsyClo Photography. So happy to have her on my team this year!

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