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Changes are in the works my friend and you don’t want to miss it. I spoke a few weeks ago that some changes were happening. One of the biggest changes is that The Vintage Company has come to an end. I shared that special business with you in this post. After almost 2 years, my partner and I made the decision to close several weeks ago. It was a hard decision and process. Soon I’ll share some insight on what it’s like to close a business. It was an eye-opening process for me.


In that process, I decided to start just selling items that I love. Obviously antiques – big and small are in that. This was something I’ve thought about doing for years now.  In looking for what route to sell items – I came across Flea Fest again. Flea Fest is a bi-annual show that allows vendors to sell antiques – retro & vintage, handcrafted items, toys, collectibles, clothes, art work, comic books, furniture, gifts, jewelry and other goods. The fall show is November 14th and 15th and located at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles LA.  A little side note is that’s where I’m originally from. So though I’ll be working, it’ll be nice to be “home.” Since the flea market festival’s inception in 2012, I’ve wanted to participate.  Why not now?! Too busy already? Of course I’m busy. But I feel my best when I stay busy. I feel productive and alive! Don’t you know that the best way to get over one business is to start another one? Duh!

the hollidays at home, serial entreprenuer, home projects, work from home funIf this brand grows, then I’ll open an online shop and participate in more festivals. I’ll need your support to make it. No brand or business was built alone. There are spouses, families, children, and friends that provide support to help it grow and keep it alive. I know you’ll join me on this new adventure. I’m very realistic of my expectations and know that the best thing will happen.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be preparing like a maniac for the show.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the madness. I’l be sharing previews of items for sale there as well. I have several pieces that already need attention. Also, the hunt is on to find more pieces to sell. I’m only purchasing items that I truly love. That’s my philosophy. If I don’t love it, I won’t buy it. That’s true for decorating in your home too. You know immediately if you really like something. Don’t purchase it if you don’t truly like it.

That’s my latest and greatest change, as well as my best decorating advice to date. Stay tuned on the name of my brand which is coming REAL SOON. Thanks for all your support of my blog.


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