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    Mango Pineapple Twist

    Yummy, yummy, mango and pineapple cocktail! I love it when I find food at the grocery store and I am inspired to create a recipe. I have never had a mango pineapple cocktail before, until the mangoes and pineapple went on sale at my local grocery store. That is how this cocktail came about…a sale. […]

  • Strawberry Mint Smash Cocktail

    It’s mid-summer and it’s hot! Hot enough for all the refreshing drinks. I love fixing and creating new cocktails during summer. This summer is no different, especially, since I can’t go out safely and get one. I’ve been mulling over what to make for weeks now. I always like to make things that are in […]

  • 10 Must-Haves for Making Cocktails like a Pro

    Do you get intimidated by the thought of making a cocktail? Mixed drinks or cocktails intimidated us for a long time. We left it up to the mixologists and bartenders at restaurants to make special drinks. But now we’re making cocktails like a pro. Having the correct accessories and ingredients on hand will help you […]

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    Watermelon Splash Cocktail

    My favorite season, summer, is well underway. It’s already been an adventurous summer keeping the kids busy, car trouble, and lots of outdoor activities. One thing we haven’t done much of is make cocktails. This was last year’s summer cocktail. But, enough is enough – it’s cocktail time! I’m finally sharing a delicious, original cocktail, […]

  • Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

    Spring is well underway and it’s hot already! Ah! I love this time of year though, so I’m hanging in there. It’s only going to get hotter…like barely can breathe out your nose it’s so hot. HA! The heat is definitely worse in Louisiana. I’m working hard on some new recipes to keep us all […]

  • White Wine Sangria

    During the warm spring and summer months, I really enjoy drinking white wine. Chardonnay is my favorite white wine or a white wine blend. It’s perfect when we’re grilling or spending the evening outdoors. From time to time, I enjoy drinking white wine while I cook too. We recently had a bottle of white wine […]

  • Grapefruit Moscow Mule

    Winter is not my favorite season. I’d much rather it be summertime…all the time. I’m not ignorant to the fact that the cooler fall and winter months bring beautiful foliage, fruit, and vegetables though. What I do love is the trees that bring us sweet fruit and our one yellow rose bush. Our grapefruit and […]

  • “Hush Your Mouth” Apple Pie Colada

    It’s no mystery that I don’t like dessert. After 12 years of marriage, I’m just starting to bake more this year. However, there is one dessert in the world that I can never get enough and I wish I could make. That is apple pie! Of course, it has to be served hot with vanilla […]

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    Blackberry Moscow Mule

    If you follow The Holliday Collective on Instagram, then you know that Brandon and I have been having a blast making refreshing summer drinks. Believe it or not, we had our first Moscow Mule weeks ago, and it’s become a favorite cocktail around here. We’ve been talking for weeks now about adding our own flair to this […]

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    The Perfect Moscow Mule

    This post contains affiliate links. Please review our blog disclaimer for more information. Summer starts June 20 and soon the heat will be blistering here in Louisiana. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so the days have been cooler. Either way…it’s hot! There is nothing more refreshing than an “after-five drink” in the evenings. In […]

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    Blackberry Jalapeño Margarita

      Do you like margaritas? We’re sharing our new favorite drink – blackberry jalapeño margarita recipe with you today. Summer is here and it’s really hot in southern Louisiana. In spite of the heat, you probably remember how I fell in love with this season last year. Of course, we’ve been spending a lot of […]