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Dark Painted Ceiling

For whatever reason, I decided to tackle several DIY projects while organizing the master bedroom closet. We decided no to paint the shelving or walls, in the closet, because it would be too time-consuming. So, I was looking for a way to add some extra drama to the room. It was no surprise to myself […]

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You Vote – We Create Challenge

To truly have an organized and beautiful home it takes work, resources, and lots of patience. When we first bought our home, my husband was confident that we’d renovate the whole house in a year or two. Yeah, right! We learned quickly that would not happen. We have now been in our home 5 years and […]

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DIY: Copper Light Fixture

In organizing the master bedroom closet, there were several DIY projects that we took on. We made a barn door and installed it on sliding door hardware. We painted the off-white ceiling a dark gray. We changed our first light fixture in our home too! When it came to lighting, I was overwhelmed. Light fixtures can […]

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Closet Makeover Mood Board

Please read the full disclosure for more information about this post. Last week, we worked hard on our master closet and made it a space we really love. Check out some pictures from the master bedroom closet organizing project. It’s still super-organized and we can’t wait to organize more spaces in our home. In fact, there […]

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5 Tips to Create a Closet You Love

*Blog disclaimer* A new year is underway and it’s a perfect time to get some organizing done. I was super excited about participating in the #10daysoforganizing blogger collaboration. This gave me a deadline to fully organize one space in my home and share it on my blog. Perfect motivation! I decided the master bedroom closet could […]

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We Built A Barn Door!

In looking for ways to beautify the master closet, I immediately thought that installing a sliding door could actually work in this area. You need enough door clearance to install a sliding door (at least 72 inches) so it doesn’t work everywhere. I really wanted to add some drama to the master closet area and […]

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Upstairs Bathroom Renovation – Day 2

Wow! What a week it has been! It’s only Wednesday and our upstairs bathroom renovation is well underway. Day 2 is complete and I’m here with an update. We started the day with purchasing a new tub and crown molding. Yesterday, I spoke about our decision to demo the bathtub. It was scary to know […]

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Upstairs Bathroom – Demo Day

You read that right! Demo day is here. Follow along on this bathroom renovation as it progresses over the next couple of weeks. This project all started due to a leaking toilet. A couple of weeks back we noticed the toilet base was leaking – ONTO THE FLOOR. This was definitely an issue! How long had […]

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Upstairs Jack and Jill Bathroom

Check out our outdated “Jack and Jill” Bathroom! It’s about to transform but it’s only fitting that we look at it’s current state. Don’t miss the inspiration board at the end of the post. Today is an important day for me. I’m sharing some very raw (real) footage of our upstairs “Jack and Jill” bathroom. […]

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Living Room Before & After Reveal

You don’t want to miss this living room before and after reveal. It’s been 5 years in the making. We moved into our house August of 2011. Our daughter was only 7 months old. Previously, we rented an apartment and that sufficed. But we yearned to have our own personal space. Something for us and […]

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