How To Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Learn how to install peel and stick wallpaper on any surface. Affiliate links included.

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Wallpaper is making a big comeback and I really like the trend. You can refresh any room, space, or surface with a colorful flair. Additional popular applications include covering furniture, bookcases, stair risers, drawers and more. Over the years, wallpaper has gotten a bad “rap sheet” because it’s so difficult to remove. The original paste method of installing wallpaper is still alive but there is a new and improved peel and stick wallpaper that works well too. Peel and stick wallpaper uses a self-adhesive vinyl, making it easy to apply. Most peel and stick wallpapers are also removable, which is perfect, if you get tired of the look or just want to make a temporary change.

Armoire Source

Personally, I had a unique area I was looking to make changes to – an office armoire. I really liked the white armoire, but knew it could use a few changes to make it even more inspiring. I have no idea how I came to the decision that I should wallpaper the office armoire. It was a “design snowball effect” that happened in my head that I had to try out. This happens and I moved fast on my idea. After a quick visit to Target, I decided on the Leaves Wallpaper from Opalhouse™. It seemed to match the wall color and some other design choices I was already working with.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tools:

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Razor Blade



Peel & Stick Wallpaper Tutorial 

1. Ensure surface is clean.

To ensure you get a nice and smooth finish, be sure to clean your surface first. The product is still wallpaper and will show any major defects behind it. I dusted of my armoire backing as I went through the project so I wouldn’t have any dirt or bumps showing through. Otherwise, this peel and stick wallpaper is ready-to-use.

2. Position wallpaper roll over surface for pre-planning.

This step is basically pre-planning out before you make any cuts. I removed the wallpaper from the packaging and started playing around with different layouts. Positioning the wallpaper over my surface with different layouts ensures that I’ll get the best coverage. Additionally, I wanted to ensure I was lining the actual print out correctly. I intentionally chose a very graphic/busy print so lining up would be easier. In the end, I couldn’t really mess up the print. I’m more of a “get it done” kind of girl, not a “details” girl.

3. Make cuts using razor blade.

After pre-planning, I knew I’d need three big cuts, on two separate pieces of wallpaper (one on each end and one additional cut on second piece). Using a razor blade, make cuts on wallpaper (for me that was one at the bottom to start). I ensured there was a little excess for coverage. You definitely don’t want to cut the paper too short. Just a little centimeter more should do the trick. Line up the cut piece with the surface to ensure it will be a good fit.

4. Peel back and align wallpaper on bottom/top strip.

Very slowly, peel back and start aligning up your cut wallpaper on the surface. It may take a few tries to get used to it. This peel and stick wallpaper can be repositioned, making it easy to align and adjust as you go. Keep applying the wallpaper to the surface in small increments, while doing the next step.

5. Smooth out air pockets.

Using the squeegee, smooth out air pockets. Lightly press against noticeable bubbles of air and push them to the outside of your wallpaper. You’ll do this step in increments and as you continue to apply wallpaper to surface. This will ensure you get a smooth finish in the end.

6. Line up pattern and repeat.

Repeat all the steps until your surface is fully covered. Thankfully, I didn’t have an entire wall to cover, so covering the armoire backing took maybe 30 minutes. This job could take hours depending on how much space you’re covering. However, I personally, think it’s so worth it.

Now, admire your beautiful peel and stick wallpaper job! Now, I’m so ecstatic every time I open our office armoires! It’s like an unexpected prize inside every single time. Sometimes I just open the armoire doors to peek in at the wallpaper. Now boring print jobs are an excuse to take a view at the peel and stick wallpaper. There are so many uses for this wallpaper so don’t limit yourself! With over 27.5 square feet of coverage, you’ll have plenty of material to decorate your living room, mud room, bathroom and more.

Would you ever use peel and stick wallpaper? Let me know in the comments below. 


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