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  • DIY: Sharpie® Teacher’s Gift

    diy project, teacher's gift, teacher's appreciation,

    Teachers make the world go ’round! Year after year, men and women give their very best to teach our children. Though my children “homeschool” they really are enrolled in a “tuition-free online public school”. With that being the case, they have teachers that they meet with weekly (live sessions) and other opportunities (testing, open house, […]

  • One Room Challenge: Week 3

    It’s here. It’s here! Week three of the design challenge is here. I’ve been officially working on my master bedroom for three weeks, meaning we are halfway done! Or halfway not done. I’m definitely behind schedule and that’s got my nerves really bad. Plus, I was sick this week so that has slowed my productivity […]

  • One Room Challenge: Week 2

    ashley lasseigne designs, master bedroom before, one room challenge, shiplap, sw iron ore

    Guys, let’s be honest for one minute! I’ve never put together a space, like an entire room in six weeks. Can it be done? Obviously, it can. Look at the beautifully designed bedrooms that have come out of this design challenge. But I’ve always felt like true design, especially designing a home, takes time. It […]

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