Summertime Tradition – S’mores with the Family

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It’s mid-summer and I just can’t get enough of it. As you know, summer is my favorite season of all. Yes, it gets super hot in Louisiana and no I don’t like being hot. However, I love everything else about summertime! Normally we grill often, enjoy time by our fire pit, and soak up the long evenings.

That’s why I was so happy to partner up with Dollar General to showcase how s’mores are an integral part of our summertime fun. Pretty much every time we’re outside, the kids want to make s’mores, so we do just that. Here’s a little bit about why making s’mores with the family is such a fun summertime tradition and how we do it.

s'mores, summertime fun, making s'mores, how to make s'more's

How We Setup For S’mores

Since the kids are old enough to do everything by theirselves now, we just make sure we have the supplies and the fire ready. This year, the mosquitoes have been quite bad so we’ve been using tiki torches to burn citronella. If you also have a similar bug problem, start burning your oil early. At the beginning of spring, we also bought a new fire pit because we wore the last one out. I’ve always wanted a copper fire pit, plus this one is heavy-duty. We grabbed a few Adirondack chairs for our fire pit area too! We love our setup for making s’mores.

Create Teachable Moments

My husband and son work together to build us a nice fire. If we don’t have enough sticks from our yard, we use starter logs. It’s really a great bonding moment for them. I encourage you to also find ways to connect with your children over simple tasks. At the end of the day, we just need a fire, however, getting the kids in on the action of creating a fire, fire safety, etc, is a teachable moment. Teach your kids in the kitchen, outdoors, in the car, on trips, and everywhere you go. Since we homeschool, I’ve made a concerted effort to find these teachable moments.

s'mores, summertime fun, making s'mores, how to make s'more's

What’s Your S’mores Preference?

Once the fire is roaring, we can start roasting marshmallows. I keep roasting sticks on hand for not only roasting marshmallows, but also for sausage and hot dogs. Other than eating a s’more, the next best part is roasting the marshmallow. So how do you like your marshmallow – toasted or burnt? Everyone has their preference, so go with what you like. My son doesn’t care for chocolate on his s’mores treat, so that’s perfectly okay too. Find your s’mores preference and embrace it.

s'mores, summertime fun, making s'mores, how to make s'more's

Unforgettable Summertime Traditions

You know the saying – this summer will only happen once. It’s so true, summer 2021 is here now, but will never happen again. How can you make the most of this summer? You’ll never regret spending time with your kids, family, and friends. Making s’mores during the summertime is just one way to connect with each other. If you’re planning on grilling, purchase s’mores supplies too, so it will be easy to work into the evening.

s'mores, summer bucket list, summertime fun, making s'mores, how to make s'more's

Making s’mores as family is a tradition that will be unforgettable as the kids get older. “Remember when we made a fire during the summer and …” Be proactive now about creating unforgettable moments and memories with your family. Years later, you’ll be so happy that you did! Head on over to Dollar General to read my full post on how to create your own s’mores station too. You can also read about our family-favorite s’mores supplies there as well.

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